New Palworld Trailers Show Giant Pikachu With a Gatling & More Unholy Quasi-Pokemon Shenanigans

Published: August 5, 2023 1:18 PM /


Grizzbolt in Palworldd

What happens when you give a Gatling gun to a bigger, angrier version of Pikachu? Pocketpair aimed to answer that question with new Palworld trailers.

We get two trailers focusing on two more "Pals," which are Pocketpair's reinterpretation of the Pokemon formula.

The first focuses on Grizzbolt, and you can't tell me it isn't an intentional "homage" to Pikachu on steroids. That's where we get to see what happens when you give him a Gatling-style rotating barrel minigun to wreak havoc with. 

To its credit, we hear that Glizzbolt is obedient to the person it recognizes as its partner. You just better stand on the right side of that Gatling. We also hear that it is a "formidable creature with a hearty smile and robust physique who can paralyze and crush any opponent."

The minigun-equipped quasi-Pokemon reappears in the second trailer, focusing on the much cuter and more diminutive Lifmunk, described as a wonderful partner who shows surprising intelligence in handling firearms hidden behind its appearance. 

We even get to see a massive dinosaur-like Poke... ahem... Pal equipped with missile launchers and more unholy shenanigans that will likely shock fans of Game Freak's critter-collecting franchise. 

All I'll say, before I leave you with the trailers, is that Pocketpair missed the chance to give the Gatling to a flying pal and make it go "BRRRT" for the perfect A-10 impersonation.

If you're unfamiliar with Palworld, it will will release in early accession PC via Steam in January 2024. If you'd like to see more of this interesting new take on the Pokemon formula, you can check out another trailer released yesterdayone morean older oneone featuring Anubisone focusing on Dinossom, one showcasing Gobfin, and one showing off Eikthyrdeer.


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