New Palworld Tutorial Video Shows You How To Use Pals Effectively

Published: July 28, 2023 8:45 AM /


Three sheep-like Pals toting machine guns in Palworld

A new Palworld trailer has been released, and it's offering some info on how you can use Pals effectively during your adventure.

The trailer for the unholy Pokemon-esque adventure is titled "Using Pals Efficiently", appropriately enough, and it introduces the ways in which Pals will participate in both combat and base-building.

As the trailer opens, we see the player exploring the world of Palworld atop their trusty steed Eikthyrdeer.

We then see the player fighting alongside the huge bear-like Pal Mossanda, as well as firing an assault rifle at the opponent Pal (yep, it's that kind of game).

When the enemy Pal is sufficiently weakened, the player throws a "Sphere", which displays the Pal's capture chance.

This process will be familiar not only if you've played Pokemon, but also if you've played Cassette Beasts, which displays capture chances for its monsters as well.

Since Palworld is a base-building game, you can, of course, also set Pals to work building your base for you.

Pals will work on your base industriously, but as the trailer warns, you shouldn't overwork them.

As this part of the voiceover plays, the camera pans in a rather sinister fashion to a pile of what appear to be dead Pals. Yikes. As you can tell, this ain't your childhood's Pokemon.

If you haven't been keeping up with the Palworld hype, the game is a creature-collecting adventure with a dark edge to it. 

Created by Craftopia studio Pocketpair, Palworld pairs Pokemon-style creature mechanics with a world that explores themes of exploitation, slavery, and animal cruelty.

Recently, Pocketpair unveiled another new Pal for the game in the form of Anubis, who closely resembles Pokemon's Lucario. Of course, you can't shoot Lucario with a rifle in Pokemon, so I guess Palworld has that going for it.

The game is currently set to launch for PC in Early Access in January. No more specific release date than that has been revealed yet, so stay tuned for more info about Palworld.


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