New Palworld Trailer Shows Off Your New Shooting Pals

Get ready to shoot some guns with a bunch of new Pok-I mean, "Pals", as a new Palworld trailer showcasing Pals and battles is upon us.

Published: December 5, 2022 9:37 AM /


Palworld 'Pal' that looks very surprised and Toucan Sam-like

The latest Palworld trailer (yes, that game where it has Pokemon, or 'Pals' shooting guns) has unveiled some new Pals you'll be shooting things alongside, as well as some new battle scenes. The game is due out in Early Access in 2023, and will offer singleplayer and co-op action hopefully sooner rather than later. After all, who doesn't want to see Pals shooting guns?

As for the newly unveiled Pals, there are a whole bunch, so strap yourselves in. The trailer first starts off with Jetragon, which is literally as it sounds: a dragon who flies around like a jet. It also sounds like one, so don't ask it to be stealthy, because you'll hear it coming ten minutes before it arrives. There's also Pyrin, which kind of looks like a blue fox and runs really fast, a floating fairy thing named Vaelet, and Reptingeo, a large volcanic turtle with a flaming shell, which looks pretty cool.

Palworld Pengullet getting squished.
So close to avoiding the doctor.

And that's just in the first 20 seconds of the trailer, so bear with me because there's a lot of Pals to cover here. Up next is Daedream, a floating purple furbie thing that has one tooth hanging out, then Tocotoco, which looks like a mix between Toucan Sam and someone wearing an expression of permanent surprise. We then have Lyleen, a big floating flower thing that looks like they're ready to use guns to protect the forest, Boltmane, an electric type looking Pal, and Pengullet, who looks like Prinny's cousin.

Up next is Broncherry, who looks like a giant plant-eating dinosaur, Lamball, a sheep, Lovander, who looks like a pink stalker trying to find love, and Mossander, who looks and acts as lazy as real-life pandas. Rounding the list up is Cattiva, who looks like a mix between Eevee and Jigglypuff, Maraith, who has a cool-looking ghostly cat design, Tanzee, a green monkey wielding an AK-47, and Leezpunk, who looks like Barney the Dinosaur if you shrunk him down and gave him lots of drugs.

The rest of the trailer is interspersed with action and questions, like why a ton of Cattiva are being shoved into a cage and taken to who knows where, for instance. There are also guns, RPGs being fired, and the kind of general mayhem that people have come to expect from Palworld in its trailers.

Want to see the latest Palworld trailer in action? Check it out below!

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