Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Zhang Jiao Boss Guide

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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Zhang Jiao boss guide

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has you facing off against deadly opponents, one of whom happens to be Zhang Jiao. From hermit to mystic leader, he's now become infused with demonic energy, and you have to stop him before the Yellow Turbans bring chaos to the land. Here's our guide to help you beat Zhang Jiao in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.


How to beat Zhang Jiao in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Zhang Jiao is the boss in the Demon Fort of Yellow Heaven, the fourth main mission in the campaign. To defeat Zhang Jiao in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you'll want to consider his relatively slow movement, as well as slow spellcasting time. You'll be able to telegraph his moves accordingly.

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Zhang Jiao's abilities include:

  • Lightning Strikes - You'll notice multiple sparks on the ground. Move away from them since lightning will strike those spots within a couple of seconds. You might be able to deflect this spell, but we normally just sidestepped/rolled out of the way.
  • Tornado - Creates up to three tornadoes that move around the room, dealing increased damage if you're hit. Again, just do your best to avoid them.
  • Wind Gust - Rears his head back before blowing wind at a frontal arc.
  • Rock Toss - He'll throw a rock that you can deflect, which will easily deplete a chunk of his spirit bar.
  • Skewer - Lunges at the player character and chokes them. Be sure to deflect this or it's going to hurt pretty bad.

Sun Jian is your default companion in this mission, and he'll help you beat Zhang Jiao. Moreover, you can summon a second companion that can also serve as a distraction. Either way, defeating Zhang Jiao in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty concludes this level, and you'll also earn the Baihu Divine Beast.

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