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Wo Long fallen dynasty lu bu boss guide

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has you facing off against deadly opponents, one of whom happens to be the mighty Lu Bu. It is said that among horses, none are faster than his steed, Red Hare. And, among men, none can be his equal. It's time to see if there's any truth to that. Here's our guide to help you beat Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.


How to beat Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Lu Bu is the boss of "Battle of Hulaoguan Pass," also known as the Battle of Hulao Gate, the seventh main mission in the campaign. To defeat Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you'll want to take note of his abilities which can vary whether he's mounted or on foot.

Lu Bu will start the battle while astride Red Hare, and he's got the following moves:

  • Arrow Shot - Fires multiple arrows in an arc.
  • Halberd Swing - Gallops around while slicing with his halberd. You'll have to time your deflect properly since he'll often charge from the side.
  • Galloping Smash - Leaps into the air before crashing down and doing an AoE shockwave. Make sure you deflect this or it will deal a lot of damage.
  • Galloping Charge - Red Hare will rear back before charging your direction.
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Parry Lu Bu's abilities a few times, then do some of your own moves. Eventually, his spirit will break, and he'll get dismounted automatically. He'll have new attacks this time:

  • Flaming Arrows - Rolls backward and unleashes a barrage of flaming arrows.
  • Flaming Strikes - Lu Bu's melee swings are infused with fire, which means he'll deal additional damage to you if you're hit.
  • Ground Pound - Jumps into the air and crashes down, dealing AoE damage and causing flames to erupt.
  • Back in the Saddle - Will mount atop Red Hare after a short while.
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To beat Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you must rely on your companions (i.e., Guan Yu and Zhang Fei) to pour as much DPS as they could, while also acting as distractions. Then, whenever you see a devastating ability (i.e., Ground Pound), make sure you deflect it and follow up with your own charged attack. Lastly, since he's infused with fire, you could try Baize, the water Divine Beast, to see if it could aid you.

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