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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty respec reset skills reset skill points

Assigning skill points and deciding on your build are important concepts in games. Thankfully, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, has a very user-friendly way of handling this mechanic. Here's our guide to help you respec or reset your skill points in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.


How to respec or reset skill points in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

To respec or reset skill points in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you'll need to complete In Search of the Immortal Wizard, which is the fifth main mission/battlefield in the campaign. This takes place in the Hidden Village, where Hong Jing asks for your help in finding a wise old man. When you're done with this mission, the mystic Zuo Ci will appear in the Hidden Village. You can talk to him by entering the main hut that's near the Battle Flag.

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Zuo Ci has the following functions:

  • Character Creation - Lets you change your character's appearance, as though you're back in the character creation menu.
  • Accolade Reward - Accolades are points that you earn from defeating NPC invaders or avenging defeated players. You can exchange the Accolades that you've accumulated with various items.
  • Reset Parameters - This is the option that lets you respec or reset skills in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Basically, you'll want to look at the points you've allocated to each of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Water, Earth, and Metal. You can freely deduct points (i.e., Undistributed Virtue) to make them available for reallocation. Then, exit the menu once you're happy with the changes. Do take note that your spells are tied to the level of these elements, so some of them might become unusable if you go below a certain threshold.

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