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While a lot of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty focuses on melee combat and parrying, you still have access to various magic via Wizardry Spells. The offer damaging attacks, buffs, and special effects. In our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Wizardry Guide, we’ll go over how you go about unlocking these spells and which ones are worth using.

Fire Phase Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Wizardry Spell Tree.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Wizardry Basics

Unlike many Soulslikes, you’ll have access to Wizardry regardless of which build you go on. Qi (Wo Long’s version of experience/souls) is used to level up five different Virtues while at a Battle Flag: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. Each of these goes towards your overall level, and you gain a spell point for each element when your level reaches a multiple of five. This means that, regardless of the Virtues you level, you’ll be able to unlock every spell from all elements eventually.

However, while all Wizardry Spells can be unlocked regardless of your build, you’ll need a certain amount of points in the relevant Virtue to actually use them. This does at least allow you to unlock spells in advance if you have an idea of which spells you'll want. In addition, spells also have a Morale requirement. This means that spells with 10+ Morale requirements will only be usable later in a level.

You can set four Wizardry Spells at a time, accessed via R2/RT plus the face buttons on a controller. Just make sure to pay attention, since you can still equip spells that aren’t useable with your current Virtue Levels.

Best Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Wizardry Spells

Before going into specific Phases, it’s worth mentioning that all of the “X Weapon” spells are useful at some point. Each Phase has access to a spell that imbues your weapon with a specific element. Enemies are usually weak to a specific element, so it’s worth taking at least one of these with you. All of these spells have a Virtue requirement of 12 and a Moral requirement of 7.

Best Wo Long Wood Phase Spells

  • Spirit Fervor - This lets you gain even more Spirit for attacking enemies, which easily negates the cost of using the spell.
  • Focus Zone - Great for online play, letting you buff the damage of yourself and your allies.
  • Perfect Restoral - Best against tough enemies or bosses in NG+. Completely stops a single attack. Just watch out for the high Spirit cost.

Fire Phase

  • Amplify Damage - Increases damage dealt and taken. A straight DPS increase if you can parry consistently.
  • Burning Flamewave - Leaves a trail of fire, allowing you to keep attacking while the enemy burns.
  • Overpower Burst - Boost the next spell or Martial Art used. Can be used before engaging an enemy, and has no Morale cost.

Earth Phase

  • Enhanced Defense - Stopping stagger from most attacks means you can get in hits that would normally not be possible. Also reduces damage taken, though you’ll still be squishy if not wearing heavy armor.
  • Deathly Bog - Damage and slows enemies while this spell is active. Nice against faster enemies, though bosses are generally not affected.
  • Illusionary Shell - Want to tank a bunch of hits? This is the spell for you.

Metal Phase

  • Life Wither - Lower enemy defenses. High Morale requirement, but great against bosses (especially when stacked with attack buffs).
  • Elemental Plague - Best paired with any other elemental spells. Makes it easier to give enemies negative status effects.
  • Molten Calamity Thorn - Cleanses ailments on the enemy hit in return for increased damage. Can shred enemies when paired with multiple status effects.

Water Phase

  • Alacrity Haste - More of a quality of life spell for speedrunning stages, though it also works well for creating space between you and an enemy.
  • Frozen Arrow - Fires an icicle after a delay. Can be cast before engaging an enemy, letting you restore some of the Spirit cost before engaging.
  • Ominous Chill - Summons many icicles from the air. While these are delayed, they hit almost instantly on larger enemies, dealing a significant amount of damage.

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