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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Blacksmith crafting upgrade weapons armors guide

You're going to have to improve your gear pieces if you want to survive the nightmare of the Three Kingdoms era. Here's our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Blacksmith and crafting guide to help you with weapon and armor upgrades, as well as adding new modifications or perks.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Gaining access to the Blacksmith and crafting mechanics

You'll meet the Blacksmith, Zhu Xia, early in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty's campaign. However, other functions won't be available until you gain access to the Hidden Village, a special hub location. From there, look at your surroundings to find thick roots leading to a floating island below. There, you'll see the Blacksmith in front of her hut.

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Blacksmith functions

We'll discuss the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Blacksmith and crafting functions one by one.

Upgrade - First, there's the Upgrade command. This represents the numerical value underneath a weapon or armor name (i.e., +3, +4, +5, and so on), which provides boosted attack and defense values. Upgrades require Rank X Steel for weapons, and Rank X Leather for armor.

Embedment - The Embedment function refers to adding, removing, or changing a mod effect or perk. Depending on an item's rarity, it might have one or more perks. If you don't like any of these, you can spend Jewel Fragments to reroll them into something else.

Decorate - The Decorate function is mostly for transmogrification. Essentially, the design of a weapon will be changed into that of a similar type. For instance, the Bronze Spear can be turned into an Iron Spetum, and vice versa. You can also do the same for the Great Club of Polaris, Great Wooden Hammer, and Wolf Fang Club, as they're of the same type.

Salvage - There's the Salvage action for all other weapons and armor you don't need anymore. This will dismantle the items, turning them into raw materials that can be used for other crafting functions. For example, a 3-star rarity weapon might yield 5x Jewel Fragments (for Embedment) and 1x Rank 2 Steel (for Upgrades).

You may also use the "Check All" command to select all equipment for fast dismantling. The only gear pieces that won't be affected are the ones that are equipped or locked.

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That's it for our short (but sweet) blacksmith guide! Check out more below:

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