Surviving the Abyss Coral Reef Biome Guide

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In this guide, we'll detail the Surviving the Abyss Coral Reef Biome and detail what Aquatic Life and Resources you can expect to find here.

What is the Coral Reef Biome in Surviving the Abyss?

The Surviving the Abyss Coral Reef Biome is one of the nearest Biomes to the Seagrass Dunes Biome, the starting location for your underwater base. This makes it an ideal location for Building one of your first Outposts, although there are some challenges that you'll have to consider before you start to commit resources to a permanent base here.

The Coral Reef is an excellent location for early-game Cloning operations -- using a mix of the Atolla Jellyfish and Goblin Shark gives you the potential to make Mutation-free Generalist Clones which will significantly reduce the chance of negative Crew Relation penalties. This Biome is also the first place you'll encounter Aquatic Life that allows you to make Scientists, although you'll run the risk of creating imperfect Clones if you're not careful.

Unfortunately, the Coral Reef is somewhat lacking in substantial resources. You'll likely only find larger deposits if you're lucky, and it's entirely possible that you won't find any nearby Coal Extraction Points at all. It's not a good idea to build a massive base here, especially because you'll likely have to import Coal in the long term to power your Outpost. Instead, it's a better idea to Build a small base for the sole purpose of collecting genetic material from Atolla Jellyfishes and Goblin Sharks.

Surviving the Abyss Coral Reef Biome Guide - Aquatic Life & Resources

Surviving the Abyss Coral Reef Biome Aquatic Life

  • Opilio Crab (Generalist 19%, 1 Uses, 5% Mutation Chance)
  • Painted Comber (Generalist 11%, 2 Uses, 5% Mutation Chance)
  • Atolla Jellyfish (Generalist 3%, -1 Uses, -19% Mutation Chance)
  • Fangtooth Moray Eel (Generalist 21%, 2 Uses, 7% Mutation Chance)
  • Goblin Shark (Generalist 33%, 0 Uses, -3% Mutation Chance)
  • Dumbo Octopus (Scientist 17%, 0 Uses, 5% Mutation Chance)

Surviving the Abyss Coral Reef Biome Resources

  • Concrete (Rare)
  • Coal (Rare)
  • Quartz (Rare)
  • Copper (Rare)
  • Iron (Rare)
  • Steel (Rare)
  • Lead (Rare)

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