Surviving the Abyss Seagrass Dunes Biome Guide

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Our Surviving the Abyss Seagrass Dunes Biome Guide will tell you about the Aquatic Life and Resources found in the first biome of the game!

What is the Seagrass Dunes Biome in Surviving the Abyss?

The Surviving the Abyss Seagrass Dunes Biome is the starting location for your underwater mission. While it is the source of many of your early-game resources, it also means that this Biome has some limitations.

Your Central Hub serves as the launching point for your grand underwater mission. Fortunately for you, the area surrounding your starting location is fairly flat; you won't have to worry too much about using elevators or navigating around too many obstacles. That's not to say there aren't any obstacles, though -- the occasional elevation change or group of rocks will force you to get a bit creative!

The Seagrass Dunes is placed squarely in the center of the map, making it the perfect launching point for Exploration. That convenience comes with a trade-off -- you'll need to ensure that you have a base that can support itself and any of your outlying bases in other Biomes.

The centralized location and the ease of building are definite positives, but there are some downsides, too. The Aquatic Life in this area is only good for creating Generalist Clones with Mutations. It's critical to expand your Cloning operations to other areas and get access to more useful genetic material if you want to avoid the deaths of flawed clones every one or two months.

There's also the downside of resources. While you won't have to worry about Coal, you're going to have a hard time finding more advanced resources such as Copper and Oil. To get those, you'll have to expand your operations to other Biomes.

Surviving the Abyss Seagrass Dunes Biome Guide - Aquatic Life & Resources

Surviving the Abyss Seagrass Dunes Biome Aquatic Life

  • Spider Crab (Generalist 15%, 1 Uses, 1% Mutation Chance)
  • Rosefish (Generalist 17%, 1 Uses, 3% Mutation Chance)
  • John Dory (Generalist 21%, 1 Uses, 7% Mutation Chance)
  • Rough Octopus (Generalist +11%, 2 Uses, +5% Mutation Chance)

Surviving the Abyss Seagrass Dunes Biome Resources

  • Concrete (Common)
  • Coal (Common)
  • Quartz (Rare)
  • Aluminum (Rare)
  • Iron (Common)
  • Steel (Common)

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