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This Surviving the Abyss Cloning Guide will tell you how Cloning Works, how to get Engineer and Scientist Clones, and how to prevent your Clones from dying!

How Surviving the Abyss Cloning Works

Surviving the Abyss Cloning is the main way that you'll get new Crew for your bases. Unfortunately, the whole reason you're commanding a secret underwater base is due to the fact that the Cloning process isn't quite perfect, so you're not going to be operating with the healthiest Clones right away.

Cloning essentially boils down to three components:

  • Chance of Success & Chance of Speciality
  • Uses
  • Mutation Chance

"Chance of Success" is represented by a percentage associated with a specialty. For example, the Rosefish (found in the Seagrass Dunes Biome) has a 17% chance of producing a Generalist Clone. Incorporating one Rosefish will add +17% to the chance of successfully making a living Clone and +17% to the chance that a surviving Clone will be a Generalist.

"Uses" is represented by a number ranging from -2 to 2. A piece of genetic material will add or subtract from the overall number of Clones you'll be able to make in a batch. For example, putting four Aquatic Life into the Genome Sequencer with a cumulative total of 5 Uses will give you 5 total chances to produce a successful Clone.

Finally, there is "Mutation Chance" -- and this is probably the most important component of all. Any mutations whatsoever will reduce the lifespan of your Clone down to a matter of a few weeks. If you can get the right combination of Aquatic Life, you'll be able to produce Clones that will live as long as any natural-born human.

How to Get Engineer Clones in Surviving the Abyss

You can get Engineer Clones in Surviving the Abyss by putting Aquatic Life with "Chance of Engineer" into the Genome Sequencer such as the European Conger Eel or the Leatherback Turtle.

How to Get Scientist Clones in Surviving the Abyss

You can get Scientist Clones in Surviving the Abyss by putting Aquatic Life with "Chance of Scientist" into the Genome Sequencer such as the Dumbo Octopus or the Bluntnose Sixgill Shark.

How to Prevent Your Clones from Dying in Surviving the Abyss

You can prevent your Clones from dying in Surviving the Abyss by reducing their Mutation Chance to 0% or lower. This can be done by placing Aquatic Life with negative Mutation Chance into the Genome Sequencer so that the total Mutation Chance percentage is below 0%.

Be forewarned -- losing a Clone (or any Crew member) to death can result in negative Crew Relation, and that can eventually result in the end of your mission. Don't make too many Clones with shortened life spans!

Surviving the Abyss Cloning Guide - Cloning Lab

Surviving the Abyss Aquatic Life Cloning List

Aquatic Life Biome Chance of Success Uses Mutation
Anglerfish Dark Glows Engineer 28% 1 10%
Atlantic Silver Hatchetfish Dark Glows Scientist 11% 1 9%
Atlantic Torpedo Ray Volcanic Scientist 8% 1 -1%
Atolla Jellyfish Coral Reef Generalist 3% -1 -19%
Bluntnose Sixgill Shark Basalt Columns Scientist 23% 1 5%
Chimaera Volcanic Engineer 38% 1 -10%
Coelacanth Basalt Columns Engineer 18% 1 -5%
Crowned Jellyfish Dark Glows Scientist 28% 1 10%
Dumbo Octopus Coral Reef Scientist 17% 0 5%
European Conger Eel Dark Glows Engineer 15% 1 11%
Fangtooth Moray Eel Coral Reef Generalist 21% 2 7%
Frilled Shark Volcanic Scientist 38% 1 -10%
Giant Devil Ray Volcanic Engineer 28% 0 0%
Giant Hatchetfish Kelp Forest Generalist 8% 1 -5%
Giant Oarfish Basalt Columns Scientist 15% 1 11%
Giant Squad Dark Glows Generalist 38% -1 0%
Goblin Shark Coral Reef Generalist 33% 0 -3%
Great White Shark Kelp Forest Generalist 13% 0 -10%
Grey Whale Basalt Columns Engineer 23% 1 5%
John Dory Seagrass Dunes Generalist 21% 1 7%
King Dory Kelp Forest Generalist 13% 1 -1%
Leatherback Turtle Kelp Forest Engineer +14% 0 20%
Nautilus Volcanic Scientist 21% -1 3%
Oceanic Sunfish Kelp Forest Generalist 8% 1 -15%
Opilio Crab Coral Reef Generalist 19% 1 5%
Painted Comber Coral Reef Generalist 11% 2 5%
Pelagic Armourhead Volcanic Generalist 23% 1 -5%
Pelagic Stingray Basalt Columns Generalist 8% -2 -25%
Pelican Eel Volcanic Scientist 28% 0 0%
Rosefish Seagrass Dunes Generalist 17% 1 3%
Rough Octopus Seagrass Dunes Generalist 11% 2 5%
Sperm Whale Dark Glows Scientist 15% 1 13%
Spider Crab Seagrass Dunes Generalist 15% 1 1%
Tripod Fish Basalt Columns Engineer 8% 1 3%
Unicorn Crestfish Kelp Forest Generalist 18% 1 -3%
Unknown Specimen ? ? ? ?

Note: This list of Aquatic Life was created using cheats in the Early Access version of Surviving the Abyss. These numbers may change, and some of these Aquatic Life may not be available until a later update (or at all). There are also a number of "Unknown Specimens" that are clearly works in progress.

That's the end of our Surviving the Abyss Cloning Guide. If you've found it helpful, why not read some of our other guides, too?

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