Surviving the Abyss

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Paradox Arc
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January 17, 2023 (Calendar)
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Surviving the Abyss is a time-management exploration game that takes players deep within the depths of the ocean during the Cold War of 1976. The aim of the game is to successfully run and manage a research facility that is in the process of perfecting human cloning. Players must be mindful of their oxygen supply, food, and power in order to keep themselves and their underwater crew of scientists alive. Not only must the crew be kept from dying, they must also be kept in line and sane to maintain a healthy balance within the workplace. 

Exploring what the ocean floor has to offer is vital, as it is teeming with valuable resources that are needed for construction. Players will need to expand their facility and venture out into the abyss to maintain their resources carefully, but be warned; never venture too far from the light, as the darkness is filled with monsters and horrors that only our worst nightmares could produce. 

Developer Quote

Your crew senses it, and so do you. Something is lurking at the edge of darkness, slithering and seething.
Darkness is danger, light is safety. Do not turn off the light.