Surviving the Abyss Basalt Columns Biome Guide

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This Surviving the Abyss Basalt Columns Biome Guide will tell you what you need to know about the Aquatic Life and Resources in this region.

What is the Basalt Columns Biome in Surviving the Abyss?

The Surviving the Abyss Basalt Columns Biome is typically a good distance away from your main base in the Seagrass Dunes Biome. However, it will be well worth the trip -- you'll have some good opportunities here if you can make the trip.

Let's start with resources -- Coal can be either Common or Abundant, allowing you to Build a somewhat larger Outpost than usual. It's somewhat lacking in Aluminum and Copper, but you can potentially get a fair amount of the more normal resources if you want to spend some time mining in the region. It may be possible to find Oil, too, allowing you to potentially export either Oil or Coal to other bases as needed. Heck, you might be able to export both if you're fortunate enough to find the nodes.

Much like the Dark Glows Biome, the Cloning opportunities for Scientists and Engineers are much better than the Biomes closer to the center of the map. The Aquatic Life will still introduce Mutations for those types, but there is one saving grace: the Pelagic Stingray. The Pelagic Stingray has an 8% Generalist Chance, but it also has a massive -25% Mutation Chance, providing you very good (but not guaranteed) chances of making either a Scientist or Engineer with the right combinations.

Surviving the Abyss Basalt Columns Biome Guide - Aquatic Life & Resources

Surviving the Abyss Basalt Columns Biome Aquatic Life

  • Tripod Fish (Engineer 8%, 1 Uses, 3% Mutation Chance)
  • Giant Oarfish (Scientist 15%, 1 Uses, 11% Mutation Chance)
  • Pelagic Stingray (Generalist 8%, Uses -2, -25% Mutation Chance)
  • Grey Whale (Engineer 23%, 1 Uses, 5% Mutation Chance)
  • Coelacanth (Engineer 18%, 1 Uses, -5% Mutation Chance)
  • Bluntnose Sixgill Shark (Scientist 23%, 1 Uses, 5% Mutation Chance)

Surviving the Abyss Basalt Columns Biome Resources

  • Concrete (Rare)
  • Coal (Abundant/Common)
  • Quartz (Rare)
  • Iron (Common)
  • Lead (Rare)
  • Steel (Rare)
  • Oil (Rare)

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