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Our Marauders Ships Guide will tell you how Ships work, how to repair your Ship, how you can give one of your Ships to a friend, and more!

How Marauders Ships Work

Marauders Ships are used to get you from space into your Raid Location. Unlike many other Extraction Shooters, Marauders starts you outside of the area and requires you to enter it from the depths of space.

Ships can fly around within the limits of the area surrounding the Raid Location. All Ships are equipped with onboard weapons and Breaching Pods. Breaching Pods can be used to escape a heavily-damaged ship or to breach an opposing player's Ship. You can even use a Breaching Pod to breach your own Ship and repair it.

The default "Rustbucket" ship is lacking in amenities, but higher-tier Ships can be outfitted with alternate weapons and other upgrades. Furthermore, the better ships have onboard inventories that allow you to store additional loot.

How to Repair Your Ship in Marauders

You can repair your Ship in Marauders by grabbing one of the many Fire Extinguishers located on the wall near the engine. These must be equipped in Weapon slots. A Fire Extinguisher can repair approximately 25% of a Rustbucket's health.

If your Ship is damaged, any additional shots from an attacker will cause damage to the Crew within. You can repair a Ship even if it's at 0% Health, but it's difficult to do this as a solo player -- you'll be a sitting duck until you get moving again.

How to Steal a Ship in Marauders

There are two ways to steal a Ship in Marauders:

  • Use a Breaching Pod to board an enemy ship and kill the crew.
  • Kill the Captain of a Crew, steal their Captain's Card, and exit the Raid via the Airlock their own ship is located at.

In either case, stealing a ship means you will have to abandon your own ship.

How to Sell a Ship in Marauders

You cannot sell a Ship in Marauders. However, you can scrap it in the Hangar and recover some of its cost.

How to Give a Ship to a Friend in Marauders

You can give a ship to a friend in Marauders by entering into a Raid, dropping them your Captain's Card, and letting them exit the Raid. When they return home, they'll find that the Ship is now in their Hangar.

Marauders Ships Guide - List of Ships

List of Marauders Ships

Here is a list of all of the Marauders Ships we've encountered thus far and what we've learned about them.

Marauders Ships Guide - Rustbucket


  • Crafting Cost - N/A
  • Inventory Size - N/A
  • Speed - 100
  • Turn Rate - 50
  • Armor - 150
  • Mobility - 200
  • Gun Damage - 70
  • Attachment Slots - N/A

"A [beat-up ship], you are [surprised] it even runs[.]"

The Rustbucket is the default Marauders Ship -- you will always have one available. It comes equipped with four Fire Extinguishers, a Luger P08, 30 rounds of 9mm ammunition, and a Pouch Rig Armor; these items ensure that you can enter a Raid with basic equipment even if you're broke. These items will respawn at the start of every new Raid.

If desired, you can enter a Raid, take all of the items, and immediately leave to scrap or sell them. You won't get much in the way of useful materials, but it is a viable strategy to getting a little bit of money or materials if you're truly out of money.

Marauders Ships Guide - Scout Frigate

Scout Frigate

  • Crafting Cost - 2 Metal Sheet, 1 Fuel Bottle, 1 Synthetic Scrap, 2 Cable
  • Inventory Size - 5 x 3
  • Speed - 200
  • Turn Rate - 50
  • Armor - 225
  • Mobility - 200 
  • Gun Damage - 70
  • Attachment Slots - Weapon, Engine, Armour

"Gen 2 common spaceship, light class."

The Scout Frigate is basically a Rustbucket that's in good shape. It has an inventory unlike its cheaper counterpart.

Marauders Ships Guide - Interceptor Frigate

Interceptor Frigate

  • Crafting Cost - 3 Metal Sheet, 3 Metal Scrap, 1 Tool Kit, 1 Fuel Bottle, 3 Synthetic Scrap, 1 Large Cable
  • Inventory Size - 6 x 3
  • Speed - 400
  • Turn Rate - 200
  • Armor - 250
  • Mobility - 300
  • Gun Damage - 70
  • Attachment Slots - 1 Weapon, 1 Engine

"A fast frigate. What it lacks in armour and slots it makes up for with its speed."

The Interceptor Frigate's main advantage is in its sheer speed -- it moves four times faster than a Scout Frigate and it boasts a respectable inventory size, too.

Marauders Ships Guide - Heavy Frigate

Heavy Frigate

  • Crafting Cost - ?
  • Inventory Size - ?
  • Speed - ?
  • Turn Rate - ?
  • Armor - ?
  • Mobility - ?
  • Gun Damage - ?
  • Attachment Slots - ?

"A [heavily-armoured] frigate. What it lacks in speed it makes up for in thick armour plating."

The Heavy Frigate is best described as a tank -- it can absorb a lot more punishment than many other ships.

Marauders Ships Guide - Vulture Frigate

Vulture Frigate

  • Crafting Cost - ?
  • Inventory Size - ?
  • Speed - ?
  • Turn Rate - ?
  • Armor - ?
  • Mobility - ?
  • Gun Damage - ?
  • Attachment Slots - ?

"A rare and instantly recognisable from afar, the Vulture class is an interesting balance of speed and armour."

The Vulture aims to balance speed and armor and can arguably do better than many of its cheaper counterparts.

Marauders Ships Guide - Capital Frigate

Capital Frigate

  • Crafting Cost - ?
  • Inventory Size - ?
  • Speed - ?
  • Turn Rate - ?
  • Armor - ?
  • Mobility - ?
  • Gun Damage - ?
  • Attachment Slots - ?

"Pride and Joy of the Central Empire, the largest ship in the galaxy with two turret sections."

The Capital Frigate is the absolute pinnacle of Marauders Ships and boasts the capability of equipping two different weapons. That said, do keep in mind that it's a rather large ship -- it will surely be an attractive target for boarding by other Marauders.

That's the end of our Marauders Ships Guide -- why not check out some of our other guides below, too?

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