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Marauders Coins The Guild Membership Contract tasks you with delivering a Silver Coin.

Copper, Silver, and Gold Coins are valuable items in Marauders, predominantly sold to traders in return for money to buy or unlock powerful items. They are also important for several Contracts. Luckily, we have you covered with a guide on how to get Copper, Silver, and Gold Coins, and all their uses currently in Marauders.

Types of Marauders Coins

There are three types of Coins currently in Marauders:

Copper Coins
Max Stack - 8
Value - $850
Scrap - None

Silver Coins
Max Stack - 6
Value - $2,760
Scrap - None

Gold Coins
Max Stack - 4
Value - $7,225
Scrap - None

How to get Copper, Silver, and Gold Coins

Coins are unique items in Marauders, in that they are acquired through vastly different sources than other items:

Containers in Raids
Coins are a rare and valuable item found during Raids. Copper Coins are the most common type to find while looting containers and bodies, though Silver Coins can also be found while looting in Raids. Loot as many containers and bodies as you can, and you should come across a few during Raids.

This is the easiest method of acquiring Coins, particularly Copper Coins, as you will find these during normal play, though it is highly dependent on luck.

Marauders The locked safe in the Foreman's Office in the Iridium Asteroid has a high chance of containing Coins.

Locked Areas and Containers
A more consistent method of acquiring Coins, notably of the Silver and Gold quality, is to search locked areas and containers. 

Spread throughout each map are various locked rooms which require a lockpick to open. For instance, there is a locked room in the Maintenance Hallway on the Penal Colony map, and another in the Security Office of the Iridium Asteroid Mine. Opening these locked doors will grant access to a room bursting with high-quality loot to collect, including Copper, Silver, and sometimes even Gold Coins. While not guaranteed, this is a much more consistent method of getting Coins.

Similar to locked areas, there are also certain locked containers also requiring a lockpick to open. These include locked safes, such as that within the Foreman’s Office in the Iridium Asteroid Mine, and the various yellow chests populating each map. Open these locked containers to reveal several high-quality items, from weapons and armour, to War Bonds and Coins.

Vaults serve much the same purpose as the locked areas, though Vaults contain a chance as the best items in Marauders and a much higher chance of the incredibly valuable Gold Coins.

Each map has its own Vault to open and loot. Find the Vault and use a Blowtorch to destroy the locks on the door, causing it to break open. Inside you’ll find a treasure-trove of precious loot to stuff your bags with, including a high chance of Gold, Silver, and Copper Coins within the various containers.

Marauders Jewellery Box item in a safe under the desk in the Foreman's Office in the Iridium Asteroid.

Jewellery Boxes
Jewellery Boxes are rare ‘consumable’ containers that can be found in high-quality loot areas, such as the locked safe in the Foreman’s Office in the Iridium Asteroid Mine and the Vaults found in each map. 

Once collected during a Raid, the Jewellery Box will occupy two spaces in your inventory. Safely extract with the Jewellery Box in your inventory and you will be able to open it when you return to the pre-game menu. Inside will be a collection of Coins, ranging from Copper to Gold. While it may be annoying to have to hold onto a Jewellery Box in your inventory during a Raid, if you manage to safely extract and open the box, they are well-worth the trouble.

Scrapping items using the crafting system
Coins cannot be acquired through scrapping certain items.

Marauders Coins value in the sale screen of the pre-game menu.

What are Marauders Coins used for?

All tiers of Coins are valuable items when sold to merchants, with Copper selling for $850 per piece, while Gold Coins sell for $7,225 per piece. If you’re lucky enough to get a full stack of Gold Coins (four) then you’ll be set to earn a mouth-watering $28,900 if sold to a merchant.

While selling Coins for money to spend on new Crafting recipes or powerful items is the main use of Coins, the various Coins are also required for a few specific Contracts. You should be aware of these Contracts, so you don’t accidentally sell the Coins you need and thereby curse yourself with the task of earning more of a specific Coin quality all over again. Trust me, I’ve been there.

The following Coins are required to complete Contracts:

Guild Membership Core Contract - Deliver a Silver Coin
Coin Collector Daily Contract - Deliver 8 Copper Coins

While it may be tempting to sell the Coins directly to a merchant to earn money, using them to complete these Contracts is a much more worthwhile investment. Not only will these Contracts reward you with more money than you would otherwise have received for trading them, but you will also get valuable XP and other rewards such as powerful gear.

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