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Marauders Transmitter item hidden between a desk and cabinet in the Iridium Asteroid Mine.

Transmitters are small devices with distinctive yellow lights that are hidden away in inconspicuous places. These are considered valuable items in Marauders. While they’re not used in crafting like many other items you can scavenge, they are important for certain Contracts and can also be sold. You’ll want to keep your eyes out for this item so that you have them in stock when you need them. Luckily, we have you covered with a guide on how to get Transmitters and all their uses currently in Marauders.

Max Stack - 0
Value - $1,785
Scrap - None

How to get Transmitters in Marauders

Transmitters can only be acquired at specific spawn locations during Raids on a few of the game's current maps. Keep your eyes out for signage on walls and above doors during Raids to help you navigate to the following Transmitter locations: 

Iridium Asteroid Mine:

The Iridium Asteroid Mine has two Transmitter spawn locations.

Marauders Transmitter spawn in the Security Office on the Iridium Asteroid Mine map, near the Half Track Bike required for the Repo Man Core Contract.

The first Transmitter can spawn in the Security Office, accessed via a ramp leading up from the Half Track Bike near the centre of the map in the Export area. The Transmitter is hidden on the floor between the front desk and a filing cabinet, near the front door to the Security Office and the locked gate to the armory.

Marauders Transmitter spawn in the Foreman's Office on the Iridium Asteroid Mine map, near the Half Track Bike required for the Repo Man Core Contract.

Another Transmitter can spawn in the Foreman's Office (the same location as the Brigand Service Daily Contract) located on the lower decks. This area is accessed via a ramp leading down near the same Half Track Bike at the centre of the map, near the Security Office and Export area. The Transmitter is on a small silver table near the door.

L1812 Service Station:

The L1812 Service Station/Spaceport location currently has only one Transmitter spawn location.

Marauders Transmitter spawn near the Vault in the Bar on the L1812 Service Station/Spaceport map, near the Half Track Bike required for the Repo Man Core Contract.

This Transmitter can be found in the Bar area, towards the centre of the map. Make your way here and around the circular room to find the Vault on the ground floor. Facing the Vault door, there will be a small room to your left. The Transmitter can be found on the front desk.

What are Transmitters used for?

Transmitters are one of the few items not used as a Crafting Component in Marauders. They are, however, still important to be on the lookout for.

The first use of Transmitters is for the Call Home Daily Contract, which asks you to collect three Transmitters. It’s worth noting that you do not need to collect one from each spawn, just three in total so you can return to the same spot across several Raids until you have three.

Call Home Daily Contact

  • Faction - United Allies
  • Requirements - Collect 3 Transmitters from the Iridium Asteroid Mine or the L1812 Service Space Station and deliver them
  • XP Reward - 415
  • Faction Standing Reward - 35
  • $ Reward - $13,500
  • Other Rewards - 1 Thompson, 1 Thompson Drum Mag, .45 ACP

The only other use for Transmitters currently is to sell them to the vendors to earn a small amount of money. As they can be a bit annoying to get a hold of, it would perhaps be better to stock up on Transmitters so you can quickly turn in the Call Home Daily Contract whenever it pops up for you.

That's all of the Transmitter locations currently known in Marauders, but there's plenty more to explore in our other guides below!

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