Marauders Update screenshot shows the Red Baron in action.

Marauders Will Soon Let You Face Off With the Red Baron

Published: December 1, 2022 10:46 AM



The first Marauders update is an interesting one, as the hardcore looter shooter will soon be releasing the Red Baron. Yes, that Red Baron. The famous dogfighting ace will be part of the game's Central Empire faction and is an expert at close-quarters battles and space flight combat. 

This is definitely an interesting choice of a foe and should be an interesting addition to a game that has been previously described as a game with "the potential to be a solid extraction shooter." While this first smaller Marauders update won't put the game over that hump, it definitely won't hurt to have an interesting foe to chase and shoot down.


Marauders Update screenshot shows off the lower deck of a ship.
Wait until you see what's on the upper deck.

The Red Baron will be flying around in his Strike Frigate, which is a new and lootable ship that will also serve as a low-light combat arena for close-quarters firefights. In order to achieve victory, you must find a way to access the ship and eventually fight the Baron himself. Once he's dead, you'll be able to fly the Strike Frigate and loot the Baron's corpse to receive rare weapons, equipment, and cosmetics that can be used against your foes.

If you want to see the new update in action, be sure to tune in later today to get a sneak peek at the Marauders update at 3PM EST. It will be a developer stream, so if you have any questions or concerns you should have them ready for then.


As for the game itself, Marauders is a hardcore looter shooter that is set in a gritty universe where Earth is on the brink of collapse. To survive, you must go amongst the stars and work with up to three other players to conduct daring raids, gather plunder, and sell it all for a nice profit. The game also offers persistent gear and XP, along with upgradeable spaceships and sci-fi dogfights as well, which makes sense considering the game is set in spaaaaace.

Want to maximize your Marauder playthrough? Check out our guides below!


For more information on future Marauders updates, stay tuned to TechRaptor. 

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