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Our guide tells you how Marauders Leveling works, what each Level unlocks, and how you can get Prestige Points to unlock permanent benefits and cosmetics.

How Marauders Leveling Works

Marauders Leveling works much as you'd expect: completing certain actions earns you XP, and getting a certain amount of XP will advance you to the next Level. Each successive Level awards you a certain amount of Skill Points which can be used to unlock new Crafting recipes or cosmetics.

What is the Max Level in Marauders?

We don't yet know the Max Level in Marauders. The Guide Video included in the Tech Test shows a character at Level 83, but that may change during Early Access.

Best Way to Get XP in Marauders

The best way to get XP in Marauders is by killing other Marauders (enemy players) and NPCs. There are two major ways to get XP in Marauders:

  1. Killing NPCs and other Marauders (players)
  2. Completing Contracts

You'll also get a 2x XP bonus if you successfully extract from a Raid.

While you'll get a small amount of XP from simply surviving and looting containers, it pales in comparison to the amount you'll get from completing Contracts and killing NPCs and enemy players. Unfortunately, there are only so many Contracts you can do in a day.

Marauders Leveling and Unlocks Guide - Prestige

How to Get Marauders Prestige Points

You can get Marauders Prestige Points by Prestiging your character. You can Prestige when you hit Level 40.

Keep in mind, Prestiging comes with some hefty downsides as noted in the Guide Video featured in the Tech Test:

  • Your XP and Level will be reset to 0.
  • Your inventory and Ships will be wiped.
  • Your cash will be wiped and reset to $20,000.
  • Your Skill Points and Crafting unlocks will be wiped.

What Are Marauders Prestige Points Used For?

Marauders Prestige Points are used for several things:

  • Permanently expanding your inventory by 2 rows
  • Adding additional Ship slots in your Hangar
  • Unlocking certain cosmetics

Benefits purchased with Prestige Points will remain on your account even if you Prestige again.

Marauders Leveling and Unlocks Guide - XP Costs and Unlocks

Marauders Leveling XP Costs and Unlocks

Level XP Required Skill Points Awarded
Upon Completion
Crafting and Appearance Unlocks
0 525 3 N/A
1 225 3 Sack Bag, StenMK Suppressor, Bowie Knife
2 150 3 Pirate Helmet, Bandage
3 100 3 Leather Jerkin, Lockpick, Miner Set: Head
4 200 3 VZ-Klobb, 9mm Ammo, Uzi Suppressor
5 300 5 Light Bag, Scout Frigate, Miner Set: Body
6 350 5 10mm Ammo, 12 Gauge
7 150 5 PPSH-41, Terminator, Torpedo Launcher, M1 Flak Rig
8 250 5 Small Container, PPSH Drum Mag
9 250 8 .45 ACP
10 300 8 1911 Stampo, M1 Helmet, Small First Aid
11 1,000 8 Mat-49 Stock, .32 ACP, Mat-49
12 1,200 8 Rocket Artillery, Nomad Set: Head
13 1,500 8 Commando Backpack
14 2,597 8 5.56 Ammo, Interceptor Frigate, Hi-Grade Gunpowder
15 2,597 8 Plate Rig, 54-R, Nomad Set: Body,
16 2,597 8 Flak Cannon
17 2,597   Mosin Obrez
18     Heavy Frigate
19     460mm Triple Turret
20     .300 Magnum
21     SVT-40
22     Large Container
24     Howitzer Turret, M16
25     M16 Extended Mag, Hunter Set: Head
29     BAR Compensator, BAR Extended Mag, BAR
30     Nuclear Launcher, Hunter Set: Body
31     M5 Helmet
40     Ability to Prestige, Prisoner Set: Body, Prisoner Set: Head

That's the end of our Marauders Leveling and Unlocks Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides below, too!

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