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This Marauders Money-Making Guide will tell you how you can earn Money in the game and the best way to make Money so you can buy all kinds of cool stuff.

How to Make Money in Marauders

Our Marauders Money-Making Guide starts off pretty simply -- there are only two ways to make Money in Marauders:

  1. Completing Contracts
  2. Selling Items

It seems like there isn't much room for nuance here, but trust me -- there's a little more to it than "sell stuff."

Marauders Money-Making Guide - Best Way to Make Money in Marauders

Best Way to Make Money in Marauders

In the early game, the best way to make Money in Marauders is by completing Contracts. You can progress through the Core Contracts as fast as you're able, but there's a limit to how many Daily Contracts you can do each day.

Some of the Contracts are fairly easy, only requiring you to collect some items or destroy something in space. Others, however, are more challenging, and they might be beyond your reach (or you might just fail due to bad luck).

Outside of Contracts, you're only going to be able to earn Money by selling items. Here are some tips on that front:

  • Avoid selling Crafting materials such as Metal Scraps or Fabric -- you'll be kicking yourself later.
  • Don't sell all of your valuable items like Coins and War Bonds unless you're truly desperate -- some Contracts (such as "Coin Collector") ask for you to deliver these items.
  • Find one or two Weapons you prefer and sell the rest. Travel into a Raid with only one primary Weapon and you'll automatically have at least one slot to carry another one out.
  • Don't unlock anything you don't need -- check out our Crafting Guide to see which Crafting recipes you think are truly worth having and hold off on getting the rest until you have loads of cash.
  • High risk equals high reward -- but it's also high risk. Bringing a massive Commando Bag will let you bring home a lot of loot, but losing a valuable item like that can sting.
  • And on that note: kill other players whenever you can. Just like you, they're probably carrying valuable equipment and loot that you can steal. (Try to make sure not to get killed yourself!)

In short, be careful about what you sell. Hold onto some items you think you might need, but don't hoard things like crazy -- you're not going to need 50 Metal Plates. Happy hunting!

That's the end of our Marauders Money-Making Guide -- have a look at some of our other guides below!


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