Marauders Fabric - How to Get & Crafting Uses

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Marauders Fabric shown in the inventory screen of a container during a Raid.

Fabric is a valuable crafting component in Marauders, used to craft several important items, including the Commando Backpack, Plate Rig, and M1 Helmet. You’ll want to stay stocked up on this material so that you can craft useful items consistently. Luckily, we have you covered with a guide on how to get Fabric and all its uses currently in Marauders.

Max Stack - 5
Value - $35
Scrap - None

How to get Fabric

Fabric is acquired through two main sources:

Containers in Raids:
Fabric is a common item found during Raids, although it is more rare than Metal Scrap and Synthetic Scrap. Loot plenty of containers and bodies and you’ll quickly come across a few pieces of Fabric. This is the most fun method of acquiring Fabric as it’s common enough to get while playing the game as you normally would.

Marauders Fabric located loose on top of a container in the map.

It’s worth noting here that Fabric can also spawn loose in the environment, not just within containers. Keep your eyes peeled for Fabric placed on top of the containers themselves as they are easy to overlook if you’re in a hurry, especially considering their dark colouring.

If you’re hunting for Fabric specifically, you’ll want to bring a Sack Bag or other bag to increase your inventory space since Fabric uses two slots.


Scrapping items using the crafting system:
Fabric can also be acquired through scrapping certain items, though there are not many items currently that do so.

The following items can provide Fabric when deconstructed:

Item Scrapping Item Chances
BA Flak Vest 40% Fabric (35% Metal Sheet, 25% Synthetic Scrap)


The BA Flak Vest is a fairly common item to find during Raids so it can be a reliable and consistent method of acquiring Fabric.

This guide will be updated as more items are discovered.

What is Fabric used for?

Fabric is solely used as a Crafting Component in Marauders and is used in some of the most valuable items, including the Commando Backpack to greatly increase inventory space during Raids and powerful armour to protect you against certain death. 

Fabric is used in the following crafting recipes:

Item Level or
Contract Req.
Skill Point
Unlock Cost
$ Unlock Cost Crafting Recipe Crafting Time
M1 Helmet 10 4 $4,095 3 Metal Scrap, 1 Fabric 1:00
Commando Backpack 13 3 $13,500 2 Fabric, 1 Metal Scrap, 1 Synthetic Scrap 1:00
Plate Rig 15 10 $35,350 1 Metal Sheet, 1 Fabric, 1 Leather Strips 1:00


This guide will be updated as more items are discovered.

These are great items to get a hold of as you begin your journey with Marauders, providing you with vital inventory space and increased protection so that you can hopefully escape with your stolen loot more often. It’s no use bringing the most powerful weapons into a Raid if you’re lacking in the armour department or don’t have the inventory space to take all the loot you come across. While there are certainly more powerful options, such as Panzer armour, these are great starter or lower cost options if you’re doing a ‘budget’ run.

Thanks for reading our Marauders Crafting Guide. If you found it useful, why not have a look at some of our other guides below?


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