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Our Lies of P Last Story Guide will go over how to unlock each Last Story achievement / trophy available for the main cast of characters.

The Last Story achievements / trophies are unlocked by completing certain objectives during a single playthrough. Some will be obtained just by beating the final boss (or bosses), though most require optional tasks to be completed.

Make sure to keep checking in on Hotel Krat whenever the stargazer list has a character's icon by the Hotel Krat fast travel option. This means that there's new dialogue to listen to.

Note that some minor story spoilers will be included.

Obtaining Alidoro's Crptic Vessel.

Lies of P The Story of a Stranger Girl Guide

During Area X, you'll encounter Alidoro and have the choice to attack him. Defeat him to obtain a Cryptic Vessel. Take this to Venigni, then talk to Eugenie and tell her the truth when option pops up.

Choosing the option to make a cure.

Lies of P The Story of the Refined Old Lady Guide

After completing Area VII, you can head back to Hotel Krat and talk to Polendina. He'll mention that a cure for the disease could possibly made. From there, head to Giango and give him a Gold Coin Fruit to make the cure.

Head back to Polendina and choose to give the cure to Antonia. Eventually, during Area XI you can return to Hotel Krat and talk to Polendina to learn Antonia's current status. Finally, head to Antonia's wheelchair is and read the letter.

Opening the final Trinity Sanctum.

Lies of P The Story of the Prince Guide

Venigni is rescued after completing Area III, and he'll join Hotel Krat to offer his services. You can talk to him to learn more about his past, and he'll even offer more insight into the puppets of Krat. He'll talk about how he lost his parents to a puppet, which is key to this achievement.

During your journey, you'll come across multiple phone booths. When they ring, you can pick up the phone to answer a riddle. This can be done 5 times, with the final one giving you "The Chosen One's Trinity Key".

This key opens the door at the bottom of the indoor section of Area XI, in the room with 2 elevators. Inside, you can talk to the person inside to learn more about why then sent the riddles.

Lies of P The Story of the One Who Dreamed Guide

This one is unmissable, as it is obtained after defeating a story boss.

For these last 2 achievements, copy your save file before heading into the final boss arena. When playing the Steam version, save files can be found via the properties > installed files menu in your game library. Then, copy the "Saved" folder into a different location.

After obtaining the first of these achievements, you can then copy the save back over and go for the other one. Keep talking, and you have the option to ask about the Venigni incident. This will net you the Moon World Warrior Toy, which completes this achievement when you head back to Venigni.

Lies of P The Story of the Blue Butterfly Guide

This is one of 2 ending related achievements. To get this, you must choose to end a certain characters suffering in the final area of the game, and refuse during the final choice.

After beating the final boss, head to Geppetto's room in Hotel Krat and read the letter on the table.

Lies of P The Story of One Father Guide

This is one of 2 ending related achievements. During the final choice, you must choose to follow their instructions.

After watching the endings, head to Geppetto's room in Hotel Krat and read the letter on the table.

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