Lies of P Legion Arms Guide

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The Flamberge Legion Arm.

Our Lies of P Legion Arms Guide will go over how your mechanical arm works, and how to obtain all of the different available Legion Arms.

The Puppet String Legion Arm.

How Lies of P Legion Arms Work

Legion Arms act as an extra attack, separate from your chosen weapon. Legion arms make use of Legion, represented by the bar at the lower left of the screen. As with your Health and Stamina, Legion will fully replenish at Stargazers.

Legion can be increased by levelling up the Capacity and Advance stats. Some P-Organ upgrades will also allow you to charge your Legion after defeating enemies, with a Phase 5 upgrade even giving you multiple Legion Arm slots to switch between.

Unlike weapons, many Legion Arms are made using Legion Plug, a resource found after opening certain chests or defeating tough enemies. Each upgrade costs progressively more (1, 2, and 3 Plugs respectively), and it's not possible to upgrade the Left Arm of Steel (your default Legion Arm).

However, Legion Arms still follow the Ability Scaling of weapons. Based on the letter grade assigned to a stat (from D to A), the Legion Arm will do increased damage proportional to the stats scaling.

All Lies of P Legion Arms

In Area I, you only have access to the Left Arm of Steel. Once more Legion Arms are obtained, they can be switch via Eugénie in Hotel Krat, or at Stargazers.

  • Left Arm of Steel - Default
  • Puppet String - Reach Hotel Krat and talk to Eugénie.
  • Fulminis - Defeat the Scrapped Watchman in Area II and talk to Eugénie.
  • Flamberge - Defeat King's Flame, Fuoco in Area III and craft at Hotel Krat.
  • Deus Ex Machina - Craft, requires Legion Plug.
  • Pandemonium - Craft, requires Legion Plug.
  • Aegis - Craft, requires Legion Plug.
  • Falcon Eyes - Craft, requires Legion Plug.

Lies of P Legion Plug Locations

One Legion Plug is needed for each of the post-Area III Legion Arms. You can use them in any order.

  • Area IV - Chapel. From the top floor, jump down from the right of the lever.
  • Area VI - Behind the locked door in the building near the start. Can be accessed after progressing further into the level, then taking the elevator in the abandoned village.
  • Area VII - Inside the Exhibition Hall. Take the ladder to the upper area of the hall, then head across and into the room where a large puppet breaks through gate. Chest is at the left side.
  • Area IX - Defeat the large enemy as you leave the station and head further through area.

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