Lies of P Trinity Sanctum Guide

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A Trinity Sanctum Door in a dimly lit ruin.

Our Lies of P Trinity Sanctum Guide will go over how to find and unlock each of these mysterious rooms and get the End of Riddles achievement.

What are Lies of P Trinity Sanctums

Trinity Sanctums in Lies of P are a series of 5 rooms, often away from the main path you take through each level. Each one is locked, and can only be opened using a Trinity Key.

Talking to Arlecchino on the phone.

How to Get Trinity Keys

The majority of Trinity Keys are obtained by talking with the enigmatic Arlecchino, who will ring at a number of Phone Booths you come across. The earliest of these is in Area III, to the right before you cross the bridge to enter the factory.

Arlecchino will give you different riddles each time you pick up the phone while it's ringing. You'll get the Trinity Key regardless of how you answer, though answering correctly will give you Humanity (needed for one of the Special Weapons).

Lies of P Riddle Answers

  • “Monster” or “Human” - Human
  • “Boa Constrictor” or “Candle” - Candle
  • “Egg” or “Glass” - Egg.
  • “Bruis” or “Ergo” - Ergo
  • “Yes” or “No” - Yes. This one gives a unique key needed to open the last Trinity Sanctum.

Two statues facing away from each other, with a pedestal inbetween.

Note that the third riddle only gives you a hint to finding a key. The key itself is in Area VII, inside the Exhibition Hall. During regular exploration, you'll come across two statues next to a pedestal. Rotate the right statue twice to open the pedestal and claim the key.

Lies of P Trinity Sanctum Locations

Looking at a character wearing a fox mask.

Area III - Walk past the 2 Stalkers and head right at the split. Kill the 3 enemies then go left into a side passage.

Standing next to an open room near electrified metal ball.

Area IV - Chapel. Head up ladder after encountering the first set of electrified rolling balls, then avoid second set to find the door.

Looking down into a hole hiding the third Trinity Sanctum.

Area VI - Opera House. Drop down before boss room

Looking down a staircase towards a Trinity Sanctum.

Area IX - Krat Central Station Lobby. Go left before heading outside

Looking at a dimly lit Trinity Sanctum door.

Area XI - Bottom of the indoor area with 2 elevators on each side.

After opening all five Trinity Sanctum, you'll get the End of Riddles achievement / trophy. For the final Sanctum, make sure to check out our Last Story guide to find out how to get a key item that unlocks another achievement as well.

That's all for our Lies of P Trinity Sanctum Guide! Make sure to check out more of our guides below.


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