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Handing a Cryptic Vessel over to Venigni in Lies of P.

Our Lies of P Cryptic Vessel Guide will go over how to find each of these hidden collectables, and where to find the rewards they hint at.

What are Cryptic Vessels in Lies of P

Cryptic Vessels are an optional set of 6 collectables that can be found in some areas of the game, usually requiring some exploration.

Once a Cryptic Vessel is found, you can hand them into Venigni to decrypt it. All but one of them will contain a hint that leads you towards rewards, such as Legion Arm upgrade items or costumes.

Deciphering and obtaining the rewards for all Cryptic Vessels will unlock the Veteran Explorer achievement / trophy.

All Lies of P Cryptic Vessel Locations

Looking at a lit brazier.

Crafted Cryptic Vessel

Location: Area IV. Push down the brazier at the top of the tower to remove the decay pool, then go down the stairs.

Hint: Hit the puppet on the bridge shown in the photo.

Solution: Head to the Krat City Hall stargazer, then double back to reach the bridge. The puppet can be hit with any equippable ranged item (you can also lock onto it as if it was an enemy). Hitting it drops the next hint.

Looking at a door with the number plate "221b".

From there, head to the House on Elysion Boulevard stargazer, then go further into the level. The door is just a across the wooden boards, before the puppet.

Reward: Owl Doctor Hunting Apparel (outfit), Quartz

Obtaining the Jeweled Crypic Vessel from a chest.

Jeweled Cryptic Vessel

Location: Area VI. Drop down into hole before boss door. Leave room, then go left. Head up stairs, then go right — there should be a trap door at the end. Before going down, turn right and head up the ladder to find the Cryptic Vessel.

Hint: Check the ground at the end of the cliff of Krat Central Station Street, where there is a good view of the ocean and Krat’s landmarks.

Looking over at Hotel Krat.

Solution: Head to area marked on map, the do the Check Ground emote. Area can be reached via Cerasani Alley stargazer in Area I. Turn around and go across bridge. Go right and down the stairs, then keep going until you reach the cliff. Then go right.

Rewards: The Atoned’s Hunting Apparel, Legion Caliber

Talking to Explorer Hugo about cryptic vessels.

Old Cryptic Vessel

Location: Area VIII: Talk to Rookie Explorer Hugo, and ask about recent treasure.

Hint: An old shack in the Tomb Slums in Malum District. Look for the bleak tree and laundry line and enter the shack next to them.

Getting a key from the Slum Resident NPC.

Solution: Area V, Path of the Pilgrim stargazer. Head down lift, then ahead and up the slope. You’ll encounter the Slum Resident NPC who gives you the Robber’s Shack key. Open door nearby and enter. You’ll drop through the floor, so kill enemies and loop back around to shack. Jump over right side to avoid gap and get treasure.

Rewards: Life Amulet +1, Legion Caliber.

Rusty Cryptic Vessel

Location: Give Polendina all Supply Boxes. Buy for 900 Ergo.

Hint: Find the cave blocked off by metal bars in the Barren Swamp. There is a reward at the end of the new road.

Solution: Go to Area VIII (Barren Swamp Bridge stargazer is closest) and the closed grate is now opened. From there, travel to the end to receive all the rewards.

Reward: Black Cat’s Hunting Apparel and Quartz at end.

Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel

Location: Kill Alidoro when prompted in Area X.

Hint: There is no hint, and in turn no treasure. However, you can talk to Eugenie and tell her the truth behind Alidoro and the Cryptic Vessel. Telling her the truth, then talking to her again later is required for one of the Last Story achievements.

Obtaining the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel in a foggy underground room.

Mechanical Cryptic Vessel

Location: Area XI, inside the foggy underground section.

Hint: The train doesn’t leave anymore, and the merchant awaits a “Frozen Feast” in the destroyed town.

Looking at stairs during midday in a ruined city.

Solution: Area IX, requires the Frozen Feast special weapon. Head out from Abandoned Apartment stargazer, then follow crevice ahead until you see an archway to the left. Go through, then head up the 2 sets of stairs to find the merchant. Equip Frozen Feast and show it to get the rewards.

Reward: Red Fox’s Hunting Apparel, Quartz

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