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Our Lies of P Weapons Guide will go over how weapons work in the game, along with where to find each normal and special weapon.

Lies of P Weapon Crafting and Upgrading

Normal weapons in Lies of P are made up of 2 parts, the handle and the blade. Handles determine stat scaling (which can be altered slightly using cranks), while blades determine damage and guard effectiveness.

Both parts give the finalised weapon a different Fable Art each (skills that make use of the blue segmented bar below stamina), and the finished combination determines attack patterns.

New normal weapon combinations can be crafted after progressing through the story, letting you mix and match different parts from the weapons you collect. There are no limits, with all normal weapon blades being combinable with handles.

Special weapons work slightly different, in that they're only made up of a singular part (though their stat scaling can still be altered using cranks).

To unlock special weapon crafting, you must find Alidoro in Area IV. He can be reached via the elevator all the way at the back of the Chapel's underground floor, via an elevator.

After he reaches Hotel Krat — you can lie to him and tell him the wrong directions, but he'll still make it to the hotel if you talk to him again in Area III — he'll make special weapons and amulets with the materials dropped by most bosses.

Note that you can only make one or the other in a single playthrough, meaning new game plus is required to get each special weapon and amulet.

Upgrading the Seven-Coil Spring Sword to +1.

Lies of P Weapon Upgrading

Normal and special weapons each use different materials for upgrades. Furthermore, normal weapons go to +10, while special weapons only go to +5 but gain more damage per upgrade in return.

Materials Required For Normal Weapons

  • +1 - 200 Ergo, 1 Hidden Moonstone
  • +2 - 230 Ergo, 2 Hidden Moonstones
  • +3 - 260 Ergo, 4 Hidden Moonstones
  • +4 - 320 Ergo, 1 Crescent Moonstone
  • +5 - 430 Ergo, 2 Crescent Moonstones
  • +6 - 600 Ergo, 4 Crescent Moonstones
  • +7 - 860 Ergo, 1 Half Moonstone
  • +8 - 1,160 Ergo, 2 Half Moonstones
  • +9 - 1,570 Ergo, 4 Half Moonstones
  • +10 - 2,100 Ergo, 1 Full Moonstone

Materials Required For Special Weapons

  • +1 - 200 Ergo, 1 Dark Moonstone of the Covenant
  • +2 - 239 Ergo, 2 Dark Moonstones of the Covenant
  • +3 - 260 Ergo, 4 Dark Moonstones of the Covenant
  • +4 - 320 Ergo, 1 Full Moonstone of the Covenant
  • +5 - 430 Ergo, 2 Full Moonstones of the Covenant

All Lies of P Normal Weapons

  • Puppet’s Saber Blade / Handle - One of the default weapons, can be bought from merchant in Cerasani Alley for 300 Ergo (Area I)
  • Wintry Rapier’s Blade / Handle - One of the default weapons, can be bought from merchant in Cerasani Alley for 300 Ergo (Area I)
  • Greatsword of Fate Blade / Handle - One of the default weapons, can be bought from merchant in Cerasani Alley for 300 Ergo (Area I)
  • Electric Coil Stick Head / Handle - 1,200 Ergo from merchant inside the house on Elysion Boulevard (Area II)
  • Krat Police Baton Head / Handle - Large Police puppet near house with crying woman after the house on Elysion Boulevard (Area II)
  • Salamander Dagger Blade / Handle - Head up stairs past Workshop Union Entrance stargazer (Area III). Go in left room and break boxes to reveal hole. Drop down and kill the two enemies, then open safe.
  • Booster Glaive Blade / Head - Area III, chest behind Puppet of the Future miniboss.
  • Fire Axe Blade / Handle - Area III, second stargazer. Head into tunner with flaming ball of puppet parts. Keep moving up, using the sides to avoid the balls. Open chest at end.
  • Big Pipe Wrench Head / Handle - Area IV - chest in mines on higher platform in the first large room
  • Acidic Crystal Spear / Blade - Area V, head down path at start
  • Bone Cutting Sawblade / Handle - Area V, on roof in Malum District
  • Bramble Curved Sword Blade / Handle - Area V, Malum District Black Market Trader, 2,000 Ergo (head up ladder behind wine barrels in the inn).
  • Dancer’s Curved Sword Blade / Handle - Area VI, end of street in chest, past group of 4 ranged puppets
  • Exploding Pickaxe Blade / Handle - Area VI, lower floor of opera house. Part large robot and in the back room.
  • Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger Blade / Handle - 2,000 Ergo. Give Pulcinella the Incredible Venigni Collection from Area VI.
  • Clock Sword Blade / Handle - Area VII, go up ladder to the right of the archway.
  • Circular Electric Chainsaw Blade / Handle - Area VII merchant
  • Spear of Honor Blade / Handle - Area VII. Lower area covered in decay gas. Safe at end.
  • Live Puppet’s Axe Blade / Handle - Area VIII. At top of first cannon tower.
  • Pistol Rock Drill Blade / Handle - Pulcinella shop, 3,000 Ergo. Unlock by handing in the Fancy Venigni Collection (Area VIII, behind second cannon tower).
  • City Longspear Blade / Handle - Area VIII. In hut after shortcut ladder in canyon
  • Master Chef’s Knife Blade / Handle - Area IX. After unlocking second shortcut in first section, head down stairs. Go straight ahead, then open chest behind cluttered luggage.
  • Coil Mjolnir Head / Handle. Area IX. Back left corner after exiting the station.
  • Military Shovel Blade / Handle - Area IX Merchant.
  • Cursed Knight’s Halberd Blade / Handle - Area X. Near first large enemy.
  • Black Steel Cutter Blade / Handle - Area VIII, Hermit’s Cave
  • Acidic Great Curved Sword Blade / Handle - Area XI, side room next to hole
  • Carcass Crystal Axe Blade / Handle - Area VI, bridge overlooking burning road to the opera house. Save Subject 826 at the bottom of Area XI (take the elevator down). When you meet him again in Area VI, he’ll sell things to you.

Lies of P Special Weapons

All but one of the special weapons in Lies of P are obtained via Alidoro using materials dropped by bosses.

Looking at a painting with a long golden nose.

The exception to this is the Golden Lie. To obtain this weapon, you must first take the painting found in the Town Hall at the end of Area V. Taking this back to Gepetto, it'll then be hung on the wall.

As you gain more Humanity (by lying or completing quests), a nose will grow out from the painting. After reaching the final tier of Humanity (you'll get the message "Your heart is pounding" whenever Humanity increases at this point) and beating the final boss, you can return to the paining and claim the weapon.

That's all for our Lies of P Weapons Guide! Make sure to check out more of our content for the game below.


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