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Last Update: September 18, 2023 11:30 AM


HumanitZ Resources Guide - Cover Image Using a Pickaxe on a Big Rock

This guide will tell you where to find some of the most useful HumanitZ Resources such as Car Batteries, Iron, Hoses, and more!

You can't do much Crafting in HumanitZ without the Resources to make new items. Unfortunately, some of these Resources can be hard to find on the Map; we'll tell you where you can find some of the most desirable loot!

HumanitZ Resources Guide - Looking at a Storage Container at the Starter Spawn
Make sure to loot everywhere you can -- you'll find plenty of useful Resources all over the world!

Where to Find HumanitZ Resources

Here's where you can find some of the more important HumanitZ Resources on the Map.

Where to Find Car Battery

As you might expect, you can find a Car Battery in most Cars. Destroying a broken-down Car has a chance to give you a Car Battery. Finally, you can find them in places where you would expect to find Cars, such as garages or Auto Stores.

Where to Find Cement

You can find Cement in Store Boxes in Garages.

Where to Find Electronics

You can find Electronics in some abandoned Cars.

Where to Find Fan Belt

You can find a Fan Belt under the hood of some Cars.

Where to Find Fuel Pump

You can find a Fuel Pump under the hood of most Cars.

HumanitZ Resources Guide - Rock with Iron
Rocks with silver stripes have Iron in them, but you'll need a Pickaxe to get it.

Where to Find Iron

You can find Iron in any of the dark grey rocks on the Map. You'll need to get your hands on a Pickaxe to get it, though.

Where to Find Nails

You can find Nails in the back of some Cars. You can also Craft Nails from Scrap Metal.

Where to Find Refined Iron

You can get Refined Iron by Crafting 3 pieces of Iron in a Furnace.

Where to Find Saltpeter

You can find Saltpeter by breaking large rocks with white lines in them using a Pickaxe.

HumanitZ Resources Guide - Rock with Saltpeter
You can get Saltpeter from these rocks with white stripes on them -- as long as you have a Pickaxe.

Where to Find Scrap Metal

You can find Scrap Metal by destroying broken-down Cars with your Sledge Hammer or other melee weapon. Additionally, you can Craft Scrap Metal from Sheet Metal.

Where to Find Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal can be acquired by destroying broken-down Cars with a Sledge Hammer or other melee weapon. You can also Craft Sheet Metal from Scrap Metal.

Where to Find Starter Motor

Starter Motors can be found under the hood of some Cars.

Where to Find Wood

Wood can be found in multiple locations, but it's most easily acquired by chopping down Trees with your Axe and then Crafting Wood at a Table Saw by placing Logs in it. If you don't have a Table Saw available, you can chop Logs on the ground with your Axe.

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