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This HumanitZ Skills Guide will tell you how to unlock Skills, which Skill you should take first, and what benefits you get from each Skill.

You'll need Skills to survive in a post-apocalyptic environment and HumanitZ is no different. Even if you have a good Gun and a fast Car, you'll want to have every edge you can get when you're facing a horde of Zeeks -- read on to learn all about Skills!

How to Unlock Skills in HumanitZ

You can unlock Skills in HumanitZ by earning Skill Points and spending them on the "Skills" tab in the menu. You earn Skill Points by gaining XP and leveling up; each level gives you 1 Skill Point. XP is primarily gained by killing Zeeks and hostile humans.

What Skills Should You Take First in HumanitZ?

In my opinion, the first Skill you should take in HumanitZ is Powerlifter. While you'll need to level up a few times to get enough Skill Points, the ability to carry more Weight will let you loot more areas of the Map in one trip.

HumanitZ Skills Guide - Looking at the Skills at Survivor Level 6

HumanitZ Skills List

Here is a list of all of the HumanitZ Skills, what they do, and what you need to unlock them.

Survival Skills

Skill Cost Required LVL Effect
Sprinter 1 0 Use less Stamina while Sprinting.
Hoarder 1 0 Increased stacking of items.
Athlete 2 0 Less Stamina consumed while vaulting and climbing.
Lumber Jack 3 0 Less Stamina used while chopping Trees.
Master Chef 3 0 Increased eating stats from Cooked Food.
Powerlifter 4 0 Carry more Weight.
Catcher 3 0 Higher chance of catching Food in Traps.

Combat Skills

Skill Cost Required LVL Effect
Fighter 2 0 Deal more damage with Fists.
Bow Man 2 0 Better accuracy and damage with the Bow.
Demo Man 3 0 Less Stamina used when using Heavy Weapon.
Homerun 2 0 Increased damage with Blunt Weapons.
Rifle Man 3 0 Better distance and damage with Rifles.
Side Arm 2 0 Better damage with Pistols.
Steady Aim 3 0 Better ranged Weapon accuracy.
Shot Gunner 3 0 More damage and distance with shotgun.
Head Smasher 2 0 Bigger chance to smash a head clean off.
Blade Master 2 0 Deal more damage with bladed weapons.
Sniper Elite 3 0 Bigger distance and damage with snipers.

World Skills

Skill Cost Required LVL Effect
Lock Picker 1 0 Enables you to lockpick.
Base Defence 3 0 Increased HP of built structures.
Bird Watcher 2 0 Increased distance when using Binos.
Eagle Eye 1 0 You can keep track of your friends' whereabouts.
Resourceful 2 0 Fewer Resources required for building.
Gift of the Gab 2 0 10% reduced prices on trader items.

That's the end of our HumanitZ Skills Guide. Take a look at our other guides below!


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