Where to Find a Backpack in HumanitZ

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Where to Find a Backpack in HumanitZ - Cover Image Kneeling Next to an Adventure Backpack in the Woods

Do you want to know where to find a Backpack in HumanitZ? Check out our guide to get some tips on increasing your storage capacity on the go!

As a survival game, HumanitZ puts a strong emphasis on looting Buildings and other locations for Crafting resources, Guns, and other useful supplies. You can only stuff so much stuff in your pockets, though, and you'll want a sturdy Backpack to make the most out of your expeditions. Read on to learn how to find a Backpack!

Where to Find a Backpack in HumanitZ - Military Backpack Sitting on a Bed in a House
You can often find Backpacks on a bed inside of a house.

Where to Find a Backpack in HumanitZ

You are guaranteed to find an Improvised Backpack if you choose the Starter Spawn when you first start the game. While it's not the biggest Backpack, it's certainly better than trying to carry around a bunch of junk in your back pockets. You can also Craft an Improvised Backpack if you can get your hands on some basic materials.

Aside from that one guaranteed location, you can only really expect to find Backpacks inside of houses. In my experience, Backpacks will typically spawn on a table in a garage or on a bed inside of a house.

If you do find a better Backpack, you won't be able to easily pick it up. You'll have to unequip your existing Backpack, equip the new one, and then loot all of the items from your old Backpack and place them into your new Backpack.

However big your Backpack might be, don't forget that you also have a maximum amount of total Weight that you can carry before you start taking penalties to Stamina. Consider investing in some Skills that will allow you to carry more Weight if you're the sort of person who enjoys looting lots of stuff.

Thanks for reading our guide on where to find a Backpack in HumanitZ. Have a peek at our other guides below!

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