Where to Find a Car in HumanitZ

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Where to Find a Car in HumanitZ - Cover Image Standing Next to the Levy Swift Vehicle with a Revolver in the Woods

This guide will tell you where to find a Car in HumanitZ and how you can use it to make your looting expeditions a lot more profitable.

HumanitZ has a fairly large island for you to explore. If you want to find useful loot such as Guns and Farming supplies, your best chances are to explore as far and wide as possible -- and a Car will help you do that. Read on to learn how to find one!

Where to Find a Car in HumanitZ - Popping the Hood of a Drivable Car
You can tell if a Car is drivable by interacting with the Hood. If you can open it up and see the parts, you can drive it!

Where to Find a Car in HumanitZ

You can find a Car in HumanitZ on the road or parked near people's Houses. The Starter Spawn has a guaranteed Car nearby, although you might not have the parts and Fuel to get it moving right away.

As with most other loot, Cars are placed in thematically appropriate areas. Go to a police station, for example, and you'll have a good chance of finding a Police SUV. Cars are incredibly useful; they'll let you travel over land faster and you can store items in the trunk.

Hostile NPC camps also have a good chance of having a drivable Car. Naturally, these locations are guarded by NPCs who are typically armed with Guns, so make sure you're ready for a fight if you try to take a Car from here.

Unfortunately, finding a Car is just part of the equation. You'll need the following items to get a Car moving:

  • Fuel
  • A Fan Belt
  • A Fuel Pump
  • A Car Battery
  • A Starter Motor

Fuel can be found (or Crafted) easily enough, but getting the other parts can prove to be a challenge. It's wise to inspect the hood of every drivable Car you come across; if you don't want the Car, you can at least strip it for parts!

Aside from Fuel, Cars also have Condition. Shooting a Car or running over Zeeks (Zombies) will cause its Condition to go down; you can only fix this damage with a Repair Kit.

Finally, you should keep in mind that not all Cars are the same. Some Cars (such as vans) have much larger inventory spaces. Carefully consider whether or not you'd to invest in keeping a particular Car or if you'd prefer to just strip it for parts instead.

That's the end of our guide on where to find a Car in HumanitZ -- check out our other guides below!


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