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HumanitZ Farming Guide - Tending to Crops at the Starter Spawn Near an Old Trailer

This HumanitZ Farming Guide will tell you how Farming works, where you can find Seeds, and why you should avoid drinking Water when you can.

You'll need Food to survive in HumanitZ, and salvaged cans of Peanut Butter can only take you so far. While you can use Cooking to make some decent meals, you'll want to spend some of your time Farming to ensure that you have a long-term Food supply. Keep reading to learn how Farming works!

How Farming Works in HumanitZ

Farming in HumanitZ follows many of the basic principles that you'd expect from a survival game: you'll have to plant Seeds, Water them, and harvest the finished Crop when it has finished growing.

After you find some Seeds, you'll need to Build a Farm Plot for the low cost of 4 Wood and 4 Nails. You can then plant the Seed in that Farm Plot and Water it with either Dirty Water or a Water Bottle.

You'll want to make sure that you have as many Rain Collectors as you can build. While rain will Water your Crops for you, it won't be enough to quickly grow the Food you'll need.

I recommend using Dirty Water and Water Bottles to keep your Crops hydrated; you can always fulfill your Thirst need by drinking Liters of Coola and other non-Water drinks. If you plan on Farming, you should only drink Water to survive as a last resort.

One final tip -- you should only build two or three Farm Plots when you're getting started. You simply won't have enough Water for more than a couple of Farm Plots in the early game, and you don't want to waste Resources on Crops that you can't reliably Water!

HumanitZ Farming Guide - Checking a Rain Collector at the Starter Spawn
You'll want as many Rain Collectors as you can Build -- Farming needs a lot of Water, and you can't always count on Rain to come quickly.​​​​

How to Get Seeds in HumanitZ

There are two ways to get Seeds in HumanitZ:

  1. Find Seeds at certain places on the Map
  2. Eat a harvested Crop.

As with most looting in the game, you can generally find Seeds in places you'd expect such as farms; I found a Seed Packet in a Tool Shed. If it looks like somewhere someone would do Farming, you can probably find Seeds there.

HumanitZ Farming Guide - Running Into a Greenhouse to Look for Seeds
Greenhouses like this one will usually have Seeds on the ground inside.

HumanitZ Farming Crop List

Crop Time Water
Carrot 90 minutes 0.5
Potato 112.5 minutes 0.5
Cabbage 120.8 minutes 0.5
Tomato 95.8 minutes 0.5

That's the end of our HumanitZ Farming Guide, but there's plenty more to learn about the game -- check out our other guides below!

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