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Yodubzz Studios
Freedom Games
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September 18, 2023 (Calendar)
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HumanitZ is a top-down, open-world survival game where you try to survive in a world overrun by zombies and hostile bandits, either alone or in multiplayer. The world has fallen to pieces, and it's up to you to craft items, build a shelter, grow food, and fend off ravenous zombies -- called "Zeeks" -- and hostile bandits.

Your adventure begins with the clothes on your back, some basic survival skills, and not much else. Choose between spawning at a safer location with nearby supplies or aiming for a more adventurous start to your journey by coming into the world in a wilderness camp, farther away from civilization and worryingly close to roving bands of Zeeks.

The first day or two will be spent simply gathering supplies in order to stave off hunger and thirst, but you'll soon move on to establishing a more permanent base where you can craft more complex materials, plant crops for long-term survival, and defend against Zeek attacks with robust defenses. Once you get more established, you can try your hand at repairing a car to get around the world faster.

The world is full of deadly Zeeks, but that's not the only threat! Hostile bandits have camps of their own, and they'll shoot you without a second thought if you stray too close. Not every other human is hostile, though -- players who are willing to risk a Zeek attack can try to contact traders with a CB radio and collect some much-needed supplies from a friendly face.

Featuring an open-world map, a day-night cycle, and multiple survival systems such as hunger, thirst, and illness, HumanitZ will challenge you to stay alive in an unfriendly world for as long as you can -- and the bravest of gamers can take a crack at the challenging permadeath mode, with no room for mistakes.

Developer Quote

A zombie outbreak wiped out civilization as we know it. Hordes of zeeks gnawed their way to the top becoming the world’s apex predator. A few years later, regular humans are an endangered species, with isolated pockets struggling to survive in this new, unwelcoming world.

Welcome to HumanitZ, a top-down, open-world survival game, where you can try to make a difference and put humanity back where it belongs - at the top of the food chain.

Will you gamble on cities and the loot there knowing hordes of zeeks might be around the corner? Or do you try to survive off the land in the country, through hunting, fishing, and farming?