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Agent 47's first mission in Hitman 3 brings him to a location aptly referred to as being "On Top of the World" - the massively tall Sceptre tower in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There, he is to eliminate two Providence Partners, the bohemian Marcus Stuyvesant and the conservative Carl Ingram.

As always in a Hitman game, there are tons of different ways to approach taking out your target. The Sceptre is particularly well-stocked with useful tools, as 47 infiltrates it in the middle of a lavish party. Here are just a few tips and tricks to help you eliminate those pesky Providence people!

Pocket Some Poison

Hitman 3 Poison
Enjoy your trip to the "throne," targets

Both of your targets, Marcus Stuyvesant and Carl Ingram, are eager to enjoy the many culinary and alcoholic delights of Dubai. This makes poison a great option for eliminating them! If you don't bring poison into the mission with you, you can find Emetic Poison in the Changing Room or the Storage Area behind the Black Gold Bar. Lethal Poison can be taken from the dignitary Zana "The Vulture" Kazem, who hangs out in the smoking area in the Garden, after subduing him. Lethal Poison kills your target quickly, while Emetic Poison sends them to the bathroom where Agent 47 can strangle them or drown them in the toilet.

Ingram sticks to his own penthouse suite, where he will regularly pour himself a stiff drink with lots of ice. He also sometimes enjoys food prepared by a private penthouse chef, and both his food and liquor can be poisoned. Stuyvesant, on the other hand, does not drink as frequently, but will occasionally sit down in the Private Bar area off the Black Gold Bar and order his drink of choice. If you subdue a Waiter and take their gold-vested uniform, you can serve Stuyvesant his drink with a little extra ingredient added.

Now I'm Free, Free Fallin'

Hitman 3 Pushing Off Building
When you guard a helipad, you should PROBABLY watch your back

As the Sceptre is an absolutely massive building reaching high into the air, there are, of course, plenty of balconies and ledges which you can use to push people off. Pushing your targets off the balcony is a great elimination option because it automatically disposes of the body for you.

Marcus Stuyvesant likes to walk along the balcony behind the "Sky is the Limit" art installation, while Carl Ingram can sometimes be found pacing the private terrace of his penthouse suite. Sneak up behind them and give your targets a quick push to send them on the last flight of their lives!

Disguises in Dubai

Hitman 3 Laundry Room
Just gonna grab that, thanks...

Throughout the Sceptre building are a number of disguises which Agent 47 can claim. Perhaps the easiest way to get around is by disguising yourself as a member of the building's staff. Luminaries like Stuyvesant, Ingram and other guests often barely notice "the help".

Most of the building staff types can be found wandering the Staff Areas. They include:

  • Event Staff, who wear gold vests
  • Event Security, who wear white uniforms. (One of these uniforms can be picked up in the Laundry Room without needing to subdue anyone)
  • Maintenance Workers & Art Installation Crew members, who wear blue jumpsuits
  • Penthouse Guards & Penthouse Staff, who wear black suits and white robes respectively

Unique, individual disguise options include:

  • Zana "The Vulture" Kazem, a businessman in a green suit who hangs out in the smoking area of the Garden
  • The Famous Chef in his white chef's garb who works in the kitchen of Carl Ingram's penthouse
  • Ingram's personal security detail, who wear black suits
  • The Helicopter Pilot on the Helipad on top of the building, in a short-sleeved black shirt

To the Window, To the Wall

Hitman 3 Outside
A precarious position for poor 47...

A building with as many windows as the Sceptre has got to have someone to keep them clean. This means that there are several window-cleaning rigs located just outside the building. Of course, the acrobatic Agent 47 can use these rigs as a method to sneakily travel between floors without being detected by guards. In addition to hiding out on window cleaning equipment, 47 can climb up pipes and cling to railings. Just make sure to move slowly and carefully, or 47 could end up tumbling through the clouds to his own unfortunate doom!

A Squeaky Clean Distraction

Hitman 3 Vacuum Cleaner
Just turn 'em on and they'll come running

The Staff Areas of the Sceptre building are constantly inhabited by members of the maintenance crew working to keep the luxurious building squeaky clean. This leads to a lot of opportunities for Agent 47 to create distractions which help him avoid detection or isolate staff members to subdue them and steal their disguises.

Some examples include vacuum cleaners, which can be turned on to create a loud noise, and Wet Floor signs, which can be removed to cause unwary staffers to slip. If you pick up a banana and drop it on the floor, you might even be able to make some unfortunate individuals trip and fall in a deadly version of the classic prank!

Irritating Ingram

Hitman 3 Dubai Ingram
Not a man who is much for patience

Short-tempered Carl Ingram doesn't have much patience for noise. If you manage to successfully infiltrate Ingram's penthouse (by disguising yourself as a Penthouse Guard, Staffer or Chef) Agent 47 has the opportunity to mess with his prickly target and drive him to distraction. Activate the radio and the vacuum cleaner in his penthouse to create enough noise for Ingram to simply leave.

The frustrated mogul will then head to his private rooftop golf course. This, of "course," is a great opportunity to kill him, as he is near the edge of the building and much more lightly guarded than usual. If you have earned a high enough score on previous Dubai run-throughs to unlock the "Exploding Golf Ball" weapon, you can even substitute his normal golf ball for a deadly one and kill him this way.

Beautiful But Deadly

Hitman 3 Dubai The Sun
Here Comes The Sun...and there goes the target

The Sceptre is full of gorgeous and luxurious items, from stunning art to "cash" machines which can spit out bars of pure gold. Some of these items are just as dangerous as they are pretty, and can be used to assassinate your targets.

Art-loving Stuyvesant likes to pose in front of "The Sun," a part of the art installation which features a giant, powerful light. 47 can sabotage The Sun by getting an extra Fuse Cell from the Maintenance Room and overloading its fuse box so that it produces a dangerous amount of power. Once Stuyvesant tries to take his picture in front of an overloaded Sun, all 47 has to do is stand back and watch him fry!

Another design element which can be used to kill are the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling in a number of rooms, including Carl Ingram's penthouse suite. All you have to do is wait until a character is standing under a chandelier and then use the gun of your choice to shoot its chain. (There is a chance that the target might move out of the way, though, so you might want to knock them out first.)

Hitman 3 Dubai - One Useful Tool

Hitman 3 Crowbar
The most useful tool, BAR none!

Because the Sceptre is designed to host the world's elite, it is absolutely filled with locked doors, cabinets and more. While many of these doors have key cards that Agent 47 can steal or passcodes he can learn by eavesdropping, there's one particularly useful infiltration tool which will open any locked obstacle standing in your way: the humble yet powerful crowbar.

Agent 47 doesn't usually start this level with a crowbar, but one can be located fairly easily. There are two crowbars hidden in the Sceptre, both on Level 2. One is propped against a box in the Maintenance Area just north of the art installation. It is recommended that you wear an event staff, security or maintenance disguise to avoid being spotted. The second can be found just south of the art installation, on a wooden deck next to the Helipad. It is also propped up against a box. This area is less heavily patrolled, although the Helipad guards can still spot you if you aren't careful. Get in there and get assassinating!

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