Hitman 3 March 2022 Roadmap Details Arcade Contracts Changes

Published: March 3, 2022 3:53 PM /


Hitman 3 March 2022 roadmap cover

The Hitman 3 March 2022 Roadmap has been revealed, revealing some changes to Arcade Contracts and detailing the latest playable content for this month.

Hitman 3, as the name implies, is the third core game in the modern Hitman trilogy. While it was a major contributor to IO Interactive's most successful year yet, its announcement for its Year 3 plans was followed by a severe backlash from fans a week later.


Problems aside, IO Interactive has pressed on with continuing to deliver improvements to the game and new content for players to enjoy. Now, the March 2022 Roadmap has been revealed -- and this time, some changes are coming to Arcade Contracts.

Hitman 3 March 2022 roadmap

What's New in the Hitman 3 March 2022 Roadmap?

The first item of note in the Hitman 3 March 2022 Roadmap (via Reddit) is a number of changes that are coming to Arcade Contracts.


Here are the changes that are coming to Arcade Contracts today:

Changes to Arcade Contracts (March 3)

  • We will reintroduce the mission briefing for each individual mission within an Arcade Contract.
  • There will be one single complication that is persistent throughout each Arcade Contract.
  • We’ve removed the following complications from The Deceits: “Hide All Bodies” and “Camera Countdown”. The only remaining complication is “One Pacification”.
  • We’ve removed the following complications from The Codices: “One Disguise Change” and “Headshots Only”. The only remaining complication is “No Civilian Casualties”.
  • We’ve removed the following complications from The Ellipses: “No Ballistics” and “Camera Countdown”. The only remaining complication is “Hide All Bodies”.
    •  We’ve chosen to preserve the “Hide All Bodies” complication in The Ellipses to stay in line with the choice of retaining the first complication from each Contract and to avoid issues with the leaderboards. It won’t be coming back in future Arcade Contracts.

The first two points, in particular, are notable changes for all Arcade Contracts. This is also just the start for Arcade Contracts c changes. In the future, all ET Arcade Contracts will have 3 targets per contract and IO Interactive will seek to avoid complications that will be "creatively restrictive" or could result in instant failure. Furthermore, IOI is investigating whether or not it should make complications optional for this part of the game.

Starting March 11, players will have 10 days to eliminate the new Elusive Target joining the rotation: The Collector. You'll have to travel to Dartmoor, England, and take out Kody Haynes before he makes his escape with a valuable piece of art.


As always, there's a bunch of other content coming this month; you can read the full Hitman 3 March 2022 Roadmap for all the fine details. If you haven't yet got in on the assassination action, you can buy Hitman 3 for PC and consoles starting at $59.99 or your regional equivalent via its official website.

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