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Watch Dogs Legion Hitman Location

Have you ever wanted to play as a hitman that isn't Agent 47? Well, Watch Dogs Legion has you covered! Here is how you can unlock a hitman as an operative in the game. 

How To Unlock the Hitman in Watch Dogs Legion

There are two ways you can find a hitman in Watch Dogs Legion. The first method is more guaranteed and will provide you a top-quality hitman for DedSec with four different quirks/abilities. The second way is more random. 

Watch Dogs Legion Nine Elms Hitman

Here's the first: Go over to Nine Elms on the bottom-left section of the map. To get there quickly, hover over to an Underground sign and click on it to fast travel there. You may have to drive over to this section of the map if it's still fogged up. Next, you will find three different sub-missions within the area that will help you free the Nine Elms area from the grasp of Albion: Sabotage, Neutralize VIP, and Photograph Evidence. These are fairly easy to complete. 

Neutralize VIP 

Watch Dogs Legion Police Station

The VIP is on top of the Metropolitan Police Station. For this situation, a construction worker is the best tool in your arsenal for the job. Before you start, try to get a decent weapon equipped on the tech menu and then the operator menu's weapon selection. I used a grenade launcher for this section as the VIP is a nasty CT drone! 

Photograph Evidence

This evidence is harder than usual to get compared to other areas in the game. What I did was use a spy I received by freeing the City of Westminster from Albion and stormed right through the guarded gate. Shoot the guard at the front and hide behind a box on the left. Wait for your pursuer to come into the room, shoot them, and deactivate the drone.

Watch Dogs Legion Photograph Evidence

You'll want to use the silenced pistol for this area and avoid drones when you can. Use the cameras to hack into the laptop inside the locked room to get the key required to get in. Take a picture of the map inside by pressing Up on the D-Pad and square. 


This sabotage is based at the Nine Elms Docks. You can get equipped for all guns blazing or you can sneak through the guards and use a spiderbot to access the locked room. You can also find the key to the locked room you need to go in by finding a tablet upstairs in the center of the area. 

The Black Hole of Battersea

Watch Dogs Legion Battersea Black Hole

Now, you can finish the borough mission. Get your best stealthy operative, and head down to the bottom floor of the mall. Swim inside if you can to avoid suspicion. On the right side of the area, you will find a stairway down to the base of the Albion power plant. Use the scanner and the drone to light your way.

Once you've reached the end, free the prisoners. At one point, there will be a badly designed metal bridge. Awkwardly cross over it with the light being placed on it. At the end of this unlit path are the prisoners and the computer that is needed to free them.

Watch Dogs Legion - Where To Find A Hitman On The Map

Watch Dogs Legion Hitman Location

Watch Dogs Legion Brewer Street

You can also find a hitman on the streets, although they're quite elusive. Breakfastcrusade on Reddit (thanks Eurogamer) found that they spawn around Brewer Street. Wait until night arrives to find a possible hitman in the area. The area's rough as a badger's chuff, so it makes sense they'd appear here. If you're near a sex shop, you're in the right place.

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