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Hitman 3 Safe Code

Hitman's Agent 47 is a man who always gets his mark. When he decides to take down a target, absolutely nothing will stand in the augmented assassin's way - and that includes a locked door. The recently released Hitman 3 features a number of locked doors, safes and other obstacles which require a combination or key card to open, but Agent 47 can use his stealth skills to find his way through.

Many of these codes and key cards are pretty carefully hidden around the game's six locations. Luckily, this helpful guide features all hidden Hitman 3 safe codes in the game, as well as tips regarding how they can be used.

Hitman 3 Dubai Codes

Hitman 3 Safe Code

Staff Room Door

Opening this door allows Agent 47 to move through the staff corridors if he is disguised as a member of event security or catering. A number of rooms including the kitchen, changing room and laundry room are only accessible via staff corridors.

The code to this door is 4706.

Security Room Safes

The security room on level 3 of the building contains 2 safes. Each safe contains VIP Evacuation Protocol cards, which can be used to trigger an evacuation and cause 47's targets to attempt to flee the building.

The code to both safes is 6927.

Guest Bedroom Safe Code

The penthouse suite's guest bedroom is locked. 47 will have to either break the door down with a crowbar or steal the key from a penthouse staff member. Inside is a locked safe which contains intel about the mission's targets.

The code to this safe is 7465

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Codes

Hitman 3 Dartmoor Safe

Alexa Carlisle's Safe

This safe is hidden inside Alexa Carlisle's office. To make it appear, 47 must press a button located on the arm of Alexa's desk chair.

Opening this safe is necessary to complete the Dartmoor mission, as it contains a file with information about "The Constant" which Agent 47 is tasked to retrieve. Alexa will open the safe for you if successfully complete the "Means, Motive and Opportunity" Mission Story. However, you can also sneak in and unlock it yourself.

The code to this safe is 1975.

Hitman 3 Berlin Codes

Hitman 3 Berlin Safe

Rolf Hirschmuller's Safe

To find this safe, enter the club and make your way down to the very lowest level of the building, Level -2. To get inside Hirschmuller's office, 47 will either have to disguise himself as club personnel or break in from outside.

This safe contains a golden idol, which can be used as a blunt weapon, and a brick of cocaine. Using the brick to coat one of your targets in powdered cocaine will net you the "Whiteout" achievement.

The code to this safe is 1989. Hirschmuller chose this code because it is the year the Berlin Wall fell.

Hitman 3 Chongqing Codes

Hitman 3 Chongqing Keypad

Chongqing Door Keypads

There are seven keypads in Chongqing, but only two codes used between them. Both codes will get you access to every locked door on the entire map.

The first code is 0118. This code opens the ICA Apartment Door, ICA Facility Container Entrance Door, and Laundromat Door.

The second code is 2552. This code opens the Benchmark Lab Door, Hush's Private Lab / Therapy Room Door, Arcade Door, and Arcade Shortcut Hatch. Remember that private locations such as Hush's lab will require an appropriate disguise or a stealthy strategy to infiltrate.

Hitman 3 Mendoza Codes

Hitman 3 Mendoza Safe

Wine Fridge Lasers

The fridge in the winery is protected by lasers which must be disabled if Agent 47 wants to access what's inside.

The code to disable the lasers is 1945. This code refers to a particularly delicious vintage produced by the winery.

Villa Basement Safe

This safe is located in the basement of Don Yates' villa. It contains a case file with information about Yates. If this file is given to Yates' wife, she can potentially eliminate him without 47 needing to life a finger, completing the "Domestic Disturbance" challenge.

To enter this room without suspicion, 47 must be disguised as one of the villa's guards. Alternately, he can sneak in via the connecting passage between the villa and winery.

The code for this safe is 2006. It refers to the year Don Yates and his wife got married.

Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountain Codes

Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Keypad

Store Room Door

Very early in the final mission in the Carpathian Mountains, Agent 47 will find his progress halted by a locked door. 

The code for this door is 1979. The numbers are written on the poster next to the door.

That's every hidden safe and keypad code there is to find in Hitman 3. With these, Agent 47 can complete a number of objectives, learn a lot of interesting information, and perhaps even pick up some unique tools with which to kill his targets.

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