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Hitman 3's Agent 47 has two targets to take down in Dubai: the Providence higher-ups Marcus Stuyvesant and Carl Ingram. While there are lots of different ways to assassinate the two men, why not take out both at once? It's like killing two birds with one stone, if the birds were corrupt businessmen and the stone was a gun, an explosive, or perhaps even a giant falling chandelier.

Completing the "How the Mighty Fall" Mission Story allows Agent 47 to kill both Stuyvesant and Ingram at the same time. It also lets 47's friend Lucas Gray deliver a personal message of revenge before the men meet there fate. Here's how to carry out this tricky mission:

Taking the Scenic Route

Hitman 3 Scenic Route
It's quite the scenic route indeed

To start "How the Mighty Fall," first locate and examine an information terminal in the Atrium area of the Sceptre building. This will cause Gray to get inspired and put his revenge plan into motion.

From there, follow the objective marker Gray provides you with through the staff hallways until you reach a window. (Some of the guards and event staff patrolling this area can get rather suspicious, so you might want to subdue one and steal their uniform to pass undetected.) Use your camera to have Gray remotely hack the window.

Hitman 3 How the Mighty Fall
Don't let go, Agent!

Exit the window and step onto the window cleaner's rig located outside. Be careful about it. Then, climb across the rail and up the pipe until you have reached the floor above. Make your way onto the upper level while avoiding being spotted. If you want, subdue one of the penthouse guards in this area and take their uniform. This will make it a bit easier so it might be worth doing if you can. 

Hacking the Terminal

Hitman 3 How the Mighty Fall
The terminal as it looks before unlocking

Once on the upper level, find the Maintenance Area located to your left. Take the janitor's key which someone has helpfully left lying out on the table. From there, you will be able to unlock and enter the Server Room.

Examine the terminal in the Server Room. It is locked, and Gray will suggest sabotaging one of the four server racks in order to access it. While you CAN do this, it will set off an alarm and cause several penthouse guards to enter the room. You will have to successfully incapacitate or kill every single one in order to get away with this.

Hitman 3 How the Mighty Fall
Lots of body-hiding real estate!

If you don't feel like fighting, you can instead ignore Gray and exit the Server Room via the other door, which empties into a corridor where a male and a female maintenance worker will be hanging out. Subdue both and take both the male worker's uniform and the key card he is holding. Don't forget to hide the bodies - there are piles of supplies around for exactly this purpose!

Back in the Server Room, use the Key Card on the reader next to the terminal. One of the four green server racks will turn yellow. Now, you can safely sabotage the yellow rack WITHOUT tripping an alarm.

Hitman 3 Server Rack
This Server Rack is safe to sabotage.

Use the unlocked terminal to "Disable Cameras" and "Re-arrange Meetings." This will cause both Stuyvesant and Ingram to head for the Lounge room in the penthouse suite.

Hitman 3 How the Mighty Fall - Eliminate Targets

Hitman 3 Penthouse Lounge
They won't be leaving this room anytime soon...

If you haven't already, snag a penthouse guard uniform to disguise 47 so that he can easily enter Ingram's private suite. Then, head to the Lounge. Gray will guide you to a terminal which you can use to lock down the room and force Stuyvesant and Ingram to watch Gray's revenge message.

This results in the successful completion of the "How the Mighty Fall" mission story. However, the targets are still alive, which means you've got plenty of unique options for killing them! Here are just a few fun ones which can earn you some bonus XP:

  • Shoot the chain holding the chandelier and watch it crash down on top of their heads
  • Demonstrate your assassination kills by taking both men out with a single direct gunshot
  • Push one or both men off the side of the building when they attempt to evacuate after watching Gray's video
  • Head to the hallway outside the lounge and find two parachutes. Remove each, cut it with a knife, and then return it. Sit back and wait - after watching Gray's video, the two men will attempt to parachute to safety and instead fall to their deaths
  • Instead of sabotaging the parachutes, simply place a banana at the edge of the building by the helipad. One or both of the men can trip on it and fall to their deaths. (This kill involves pretty precise timing and banana placement, so you might need to try a few practice runs first)

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