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Hitman 3 Mendoza Villa

Hitman 3's Mendoza mission, "The Farewell," takes place at a gorgeous winery in Argentina. It features two targets, the vineyard's owner Don Yates and the socialite Tamara Videl, both of which have secret ties to the Providence organization. Diana Burnwood is also present at the winery, and Agent 47 must avoid killing her or else he will fail the mission.

The winery is an open, sprawling location with tons of secrets to unlock and challenges to complete. Of course, because of the setting, many of them have to do with grapes, wine, or both.

This guide will provide some helpful tips and info for completing some of the Mendoza winery's trickiest challenges.

Hitman 3 Mendoza estate Wines

Estate Wines is a Discovery Challenge which requires Agent 47 to pick up three of the winery's finest vintages without being caught. This challenge needs 47 to be very stealthy, as waiters and estate staff are always on the lookout for thieves.

Hitman 3 Mendoza Estate Wines 1

Bottle #1, a Malbec, is sitting on the main desk in the vineyard's reception area. To pick it up without being noticed, simply wait until the receptionist is looking away or distracted by helping another customer.

Hitman 3 Estate Wines 2

Bottle #2, a Cabernet Sauvignon, is on a small table to the right of the reception desk, near some happily drinking visitors. This bottle is very hard to grab without being spotted due to how crowded the area is. However, once you grab it, you can lose your pursuer by blending in with the crowd or heading outside and hiding behind a tree or in a flower bed. A waiter disguise is another option.

Hitman 3 Estate Wines 3

Bottle #3, a Pinot Noir, is found one floor up from the reception area. Walk up the stairs and find an outdoor bar with a door behind it. The wine bottle is located on a table just inside the door. The easiest way to take this bottle is to wear a waiter disguise. As a waiter, Agent 47 can simply walk through the door and take the wine without arousing suspicion.

Hitman 3 Grapes of Wrath

Grapes of Wrath is a challenge centered around the vineyard where workers pick grapes to be made into wine. In order to complete it, Agent 47 must get any NPC to slip and fall on a bunch of grapes.

There are a number of ways to complete this challenge. However, the easiest way to do so is to disguise Agent 47 as a Winery Worker or a Gaucho (vineyard guard). These disguises are able to enter the grape fields without causing suspicion.

Hitman 3 Grape Knife

In the center of the vineyard is a large building. Head inside and pick up a Grape Knife off the table.

Then, head back outside and use the Instinct ability to find grapes ready to be cut. There are several bunches, so collect a couple in case your first few attempts to fulfill this challenge fails.

Hitman 3 Grapes of Wrath

Toss a coin or turn on one of the generators in the building in order to attract the attention of a vineyard guard or worker. Once they move to investigate the distraction, Agent 47 can place the bunch of grapes in their path. They will slip on the grapes and fall on their butt and Agent 47 will complete the "Grapes of Wrath" challenge.

Keep in mind that the requirements for this challenge are fairly narrow. You must place the grapes on the ground after the NPC has started moving towards you, or they will not trip. Throwing the grapes also does not work.

Hitman 3 Domestic Disturbance

"Domestic Disturbance" is a fun challenge which involves revealing to Don Archibald Yates' wife, Valentina, some of the less-than-legal stuff her husband has been up to. If carried out successfully, this will result in Yates' wife eliminating him herself, taking out a target without Agent 47 having to lift a single finger.

To complete this challenge, Agent 47 first has to find his way into the heavily guarded villa. Luckily, there are plenty of disguises which will grant you excess, including Yates' hired mercenaries and the family lawyer. You can also sneak in by climbing up the wall and entering through the window.

Hitman 3 Mendoza Lawyer

Once inside, make your way down to the villa's basement. The door is locked, but a master key can be swiped from Don Yates' desk. Alternately, you can break the door down with a crowbar as long as nobody is watching.

There are two Enforcer guards in the basement, so you'll need to sneak past them regardless of what disguise Agent 47 is wearing. Behind the two guards is a safe. Unlock the safe using the code 2006 (the year Archibald and Valentina got married) and remove the documents stored inside. This is proof that Yates is the one who ruined his own wife's career. Simply unlocking the safe will also complete a Mendoza Discovery Challenge, "Scandal."

Hitman 3 Mendoza Valentina Yates

Hand off the proof to Valentina Yates, who is easy to spot as she is wearing a bright yellow dress. If she's with her husband, simply wait a bit as her movement pattern includes taking solo walks through the garden and hanging out alone in her bedroom. Once she has the documents in hand, she will become furious at Yates and call him out to the balcony, where their argument will end with the wife pushing her husband to his doom.

This completes the "Domestic Disturbance" challenge. Keep in mind that this challenge will be successfully completed even if Agent 47 does not witness Valentina pushing her husband, although he can easily do so by spying from the bedroom or the garden below.

Hitman 3 The Tour

"The Tour" is a unique mission story in that it involves not one but four different ways to eliminate your target Tamara Videl. Even better, each of these kill methods will result in completing one of Mendoza's assassination challenges. If you're aiming for Level Mastery, definitely complete this mission story as soon as possible.

Hitman 3 Mendoza Corvo Black

There are two options for getting Agent 47 on a tour of the winery. He can either disguise himself as Don Yates' "fixer," Corvo Black, or the chief winemaker, who leads the tour. Corvo Black starts in the reception area but takes an isolated phone call in the garden, while the chief winemaker walks through the grape fields to inspect the workers.

Once you've selected your disguise, meet up with Tamara and Diana Burnwood to start the tour. Walk into the winery to see four pieces of machinery which can be used to kill Tamara. Diana will distract the person you did not disguise yourself as so that you can eliminate Tamara without being noticed.

Hitman 3 Grape Presser

The four options available are:

  • Push Tamara inside the Grape Crusher to complete the challenge "Pulp Friction"
  • Crush her underneath the Grape Presser to complete the challenge "A Thick Must"
  • Lock Tamara inside the Freezer to complete the challenge "Coldhearted." Agent 47 must have a screwdriver in his inventory to complete this challenge
  • Subdue Tamara and drop her body in the Fermentation Tank to complete the challenge "Primary Fermentation" 
Hitman 3 Grape Crusher

To complete the Mission Story, simply view all four pieces of equipment and the Barrel Room, then leave the winery.

Mendoza may be particularly full of unique kills to pull off and challenges to complete, but all six missions in Hitman 3 have their secrets to discover. Check out TechRaptor's other Hitman 3 guides for more tips and tricks to guide Agent 47 through the stunning conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy.

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