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Last Update: March 1, 2022


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In this Hero's Hour Pillar Faction Guide, I'll tell you what you need to know to get started with playing the Pillars of Has-Been.

Hero's Hour Pillar Faction Guide - Basic Strategy

The Pillar Faction focuses on a little bit of everything, with some caveats -- its higher-end units use a wide variety of rarer Resources (Sulfur, Mercury, and Crystal). It does not specialize in any one particular area, but it offers a wide array of buffs amongst its units to give you flexible options for developing a strategy. The focus on rare Resources is emphasized in its buildings, too, with the ability to gain special teas that provide buffs and or the ability to summon units by spending specific resources at the Pillars of Essence.


Hero's Hour Pillar Faction Guide - Unique Buildings

Hero's Hour Pillar Faction Guide - Unique Buildings

Pillar's Unique Buildings are Tea House, Pillars of Essence, and Pagoda of Heaven.

Tea House

The Tea House provides magical tea to your Heroes, allowing them to buff themselves once per week before a battle.

Pillars of Essence

You can directly summon units by spending resources.

Pagoda of Heavens (Gems Resource)

The Pagoda of Heavens gives you 1 Gem Resource each day. This is a unique Resource used by the Pillar Faction to upgrade its buildings.

Hero's Hour Pillar Faction Guide - Hero Strategies


Hero's Hour Pillar Faction Guide - Hero Strategies

The Pillar Heroes are War Artist and Sage.

War Artist Heroes (Union)

War Artists benefit from the Union ability, allowing the Hero to transfer 20 health to a nearby unit that is about to die and making it immune for 3 seconds.


Lionin / Tianoen

Lionin and Tianoen have several buffs that make their armies stronger, regardless of their unit composition.

Raliniten / Teranilo

Raliniten and Teranilo are excellent at growing your town and generating units.

Tono / Ranito

Tono and Ranito focus on defensive buffs for their armies, including some that can cause damage to enemies on death.

Sage Heroes (Balance)

Sages can use the Balance ability to prevent death in an area on the battlefield.

Rea / Qonate

Rea and Qonate are solid generalists that can buff their units in several ways.


Qi / Lopali

Qi and Lopalio are somewhat evenly split between construction, unit creation, and buffs.

Teneralo / Qetera 

Teneralo and Qetara are focused on spellcasting and improving the potency of spells.

Hero's Hour Pillar Faction Guide - Unit Choices

Hero's Hour Pillar Faction Guide - Unit Choices

Here are the unit choices you have to make for the Pillar Faction.

Tricrow or Pan Za?

The Tricrow is a fast, mobile unit that has a higher critical strike chance. The Pan Za, meanwhile, is a solid frontline fighter thanks to its Tank and Knockback abilities.

Archer or Fire Lancer?

The Archer fires longer-range attacks. The Fire Lancer shoots at a shorter range, but it inflicts the Burning debuff.

Earth Tiger or Spirit Serpent?

The Earth Tiger fights in melee and has resistance to spells. The Spirit Serpent fights at range and provides beneficial buffs to nearby allies.




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