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Last Update: March 1, 2022


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In this Hero's Hour Earthen Faction Guide, I'll tell you what you need to know to get started with playing The Earthen and its legions of Dwarves.

Hero's Hour Earthen Faction Guide - Basic Strategy

Earthen have a lot of units with Knockback or Sturdy (and in some cases both), letting them wade into battle to break formations. Their Unique Buildings give them an additional six Rare Units (and some extra abilities) which offer a variety of strategic choices to you.


Hero's Hour Earthen Faction Guide - Unique Buildings

Hero's Hour Earthen Faction Guide - Unique Buildings

Earthen's Unique Buildings are Rune Forge, Monument of War, and Temple of War.

Rune Forge

The Rune Forge allows a Hero to select a Rune and gain extra abilities to units in their army.


Monument of War

The Monument of War allows you to create special units: Excavator, Rifleman, and Mountainguard. These units get more expensive as you make more of them and you can reroll them for a monetary cost.

Temple of War

The Temple of War is like the Monument of War but with different special units: Berserker, Mauler, and Odin's Son.

Hero's Hour Earthen Faction Guide - Hero Strategies


Hero's Hour Earthen Faction Guide - Hero Strategies

The Earthen Heroes are Runecarver and Stonemason.

Runecarver Heroes (Grudge)

Runecarves can use Grudge, spawning vengeful spirits from dead dwarves every time the Runecarver casts a spell.


Treivia / Karlena

Treivia and Karlena are generalists that can do a little bit of everything in terms of magic.

Fregna / Oliva

Fregna and Oliva are good at summoning and buffing their ranged combat units.

Naviris / Pippra

Naviris and Pippra make use of multiple abilities that trigger when an allied unit dies.

Stonemason Heroes (Soul of the Earth)

Stonemasons have the Soul of the Earth ability. Multiple souls of dead Dwarves can fuse into Rock Elementals which have a small chance of becoming permanent units in your army.

Brynjord / Knutten

Brynjord and Knutten focus on building large armies and buffing them in various ways.


Gunvor / Kai

Gunvor and Kai are good at powering themselves up and earning Gold.

Torblok / Kemun

Torblok and Kemun have are very good at buffing their armies, practically to the exclusion of anything else.

Hero's Hour Earthen Faction Guide - Unit Choices

Hero's Hour Earthen Faction Guide - Unit Choices

Here are the unit choices you have to make for the Earthen Faction.

Hoplite or Ice Engine?

Hoplites are glass cannons that can be upgraded to attack multiple enemies. Ice Engines have higher health and Knockback resistance (thanks to the Sturdy buff), and they can slow down enemies with their attack.

Enchanter or Gold Earthen?

Enchanters are ranged healers that can confuse enemies, heal allies, and resurrect allies once upgraded. Gold Earthen are slow, tough melee fighters that can survive being killed thanks to their Immortal ability.

Bear Cavalry or Caribou Elite?

Bear Cavalry can use Charge to quickly close in on an enemy and break enemy formations with Knockback. Caribou Elite can instead drain life from enemies to prolong the fight, and they become more dangerous as allies die.


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