Hero's Hour Lament Faction Guide

Last Update: March 1, 2022


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In this Hero's Hour Order Faction Guide, I'll tell you what you need to know to get started with playing The Great Lament.

Hero's Hour Lament Faction Guide - Basic Strategy

Lament embraces shadow magic, relying on deception and debuffs to confuse and impair the enemy. 4 of its 6 creature types can inflict some kind of debuff on the enemy. Combine that with its use of shadow magic and you have an army that can turn its opponents into a confused mess that doesn't know what it's fighting.


Hero's Hour Lament Faction Guide - Unique Buildings

Hero's Hour Lament Faction Guide - Unique Buildings

Lament's Unique Buildings are Idol of Shadows, Monolith, and Slave Pens.

Idol of Shadows

The Idol of Shadows gives you the ability to paralyze some enemies in a battle once per week. If you use it against an enemy Hero, however, your Hero will lose some of their Power.



The Monolith gives your heroes a weeklong +1 bonus to Spellpower.

Slave Pens

Slave Pens gives you 100 Gold every day, but you can get up to 900 more every day by having non-Lament creatures in your town's garrison.

Hero's Hour Pyre Faction Guide - Hero Strategies


Hero's Hour Lament Faction Guide - Hero Strategies

The Lament Heroes are Spellblade and Tunnelkeeper.

Spellblade Heroes (Shadowcasting)

Spellblades use Shadowcasting, an ability that makes shadow-clones of enemies you've targeted.


Truqnopl / Qroznir

Truqnopl and Qroznir focus on growing armies and making the most of their units through buffs, some of which trigger on a unit's death.

Plurquoio / Toio

Plurquoio and Toio are dedicated spellcasters with a variety of magic available to them.

Khaz Tyr / Tiq Rup

Khaz Tyr and Tiq Rup can level up quickly. While they have access to fewer spells than Plurquoio and Tolo, they can make their spells more potent.

Tunnelkeeper Heroes (Shadowcloning)

Tunnelkeepers have Shadowcloning, an ability that lets them make shadow-clones of your Hero and nearby allies.

Pucreq / Qirupno

Pucreq and Qirupno are straight-up brawlers that can develop into powerful Heroes in their own right.


Trupni / Khaz Klo

Trupni and Khaz Klo focus on growing armies and making Gold.

Khaz Loki / Qur Noz

Khaz Loki and Qur Noz seem to work best with smaller groups of elite units.

Hero's Hour Lament Faction Guide - Unit Choices

Hero's Hour Lament Faction Guide - Unit Choices

Here are the unit choices you have to make for the Lament Faction.

Gorgon or Mutant Trog?

The Gorgon can petrify enemies, paralyzing them for a short time. The Mutant Trog can instead leap into battle and use Knockback to break enemy formations.

Goldhorn or Wise?

The Goldhorn is a tough creature that is difficult to kill. The Wise supports allies from afar and can use Resurrection on friendly units once upgraded.

Tunnelrider or Hydraling?

Tunnelriders use Charge to quickly get into battle and can inflict Venom on enemies once upgraded. Hydralings are slower, but they benefit from an AoE melee attack.


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