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Last Update: March 1, 2022


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In this Hero's Hour Order Faction Guide, I'll tell you what you need to know to get started with playing the Kingdom of Order.

Hero's Hour Order Faction Guide - Basic Strategy

Order is a solid generalist faction that's fairly simple to play. The majority of its units are purchased with Gold alone, saving you any concerns about building up special Resources like Sulfur or Crystal. This Faction seems to work best with small teams of elite units as opposed to hordes of cheap soldiers.

Hero's Hour Order Faction Guide - Unique Buildings

Hero's Hour Order Faction Guide - Unique Buildings

Order's Unique Buildings are the Conscription Center, Hostler, and Counting House.

Conscription Center

The Conscription Center allows you to sacrifice Daily Gold Income in order to instantly create units. You can also, in turn, sacrifice units to increase Daily Gold Income. This lets you boost your long-term Daily Gold Income if you aren't under immediate threat, or you can generate defensive units in a pinch if you're under attack.


The Hostler gives your Heroes a permanent +4 movement buff as long as they stop in town.

Counting House

The Counting House simply gives you an additional 250 Gold every day. It's also required for upgrading your main Gold income building.

Hero's Hour Order Faction Guide - Hero Strategies

Hero's Hour Order Faction Guide - Hero Strategies

The Order Heroes are Generals and Priests.

Priest Heroes (Blessing)

Priest Heroes are the spellcasters of the Order Faction. The Blessing skill will temporarily buff the health, damage, and speed of all friendly units by 25% after casting a spell.

Pheonee / Chatham

Pheonee and Chatham are best with using cheap units, and they can summon additional units passively and during combat.

Cassie / Stanis

Cassie and Stanis are best at healing units, increasing their survivability if you use your spells right.

Rhiza / Henrietta

Rhiza and Henrietta focus on making their units tougher through buffs.

General Heroes (Rallying)

General Heroes are the Order Faction's warriors. Their Rallying ability can temporarily buff the health, damage, and speed of all units near the General; using tight formations is best.

Lanzo / Quarticus

Lanzo and Quarticus are generalists, good for using any mix of units but masters of neither.

Marco / Targa

Marco and Targa are experts at using elite units with high Power such as Crusaders.

Cazadra / Earl

Cazadra and Earl focus on using lots of cheap units in swarm tactics.

Hero's Hour Order Faction Guide - Unit Choices

Hero's Hour Order Faction Guide - Unit Choices

Here are the unit choices you have to make for the Order Faction.

Paragon or Strongarm?

The Paragon is better for slow, defensive advances. The Strongarm is better for aggressive attacks.

Monk or Survivor?

The Monk can heal other units and use ranged attacks, making it ideal support for tougher armies. The Survivor, on the other hand, thrives on death, and its upgraded version can make more Survivors out of dead allies.

Cavalry or Paladin?

Cavalry is good for aggressive charges. Paladins are slower, but they heal allies -- and that makes Paladins ideal for slow, tight formations.


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