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Last Update: March 1, 2022


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In this Hero's Hour Decay Faction Guide, I'll tell you what you need to know to get started with playing The Decay.

Hero's Hour Decay Faction Guide - Basic Strategy

The Decay Faction has a strong focus on Necromancy and transforming their units. Every enemy you kill can potentially become a new ally -- a notion that is bolstered by the fact that every single one of their heroes has the Necromancy spell. (Some of them even start with it!) While Decay has some tough elite creatures, it works best with legions of cheaper units flooding the field.


Hero's Hour Decay Faction Guide - Unique Buildings

Hero's Hour Decay Faction Guide - Unique Buildings

Decay's Unique Buildings are Throne of the Dead, Soul Transmuter, and Tomb of Silence.

Throne of the Dead

The Throne of the Dead allows you to transform living creatures garrisoned in your town into undead creatures.

Soul Transmuter

This doubles the rate of binding souls at the Soul Beacon, thereby increasing the rate at which you generate undead.

Tomb of Silence

This gives you 2 extra Mercury every week which is useful for empowering the Soul Beacon. Additionally, it gives you new undead to Bind and higher weekly growth for Skeletons/Boneguards.

Hero's Hour Decay Faction Guide - Hero Strategies


Hero's Hour Decay Faction Guide - Hero Strategies

The Decay Heroes are Withermage and Extinctor.

Withermage Heroes (Malediction)

Withermages use Malediction to curse enemy units into becoming permanent undead units after they die.


Hardsoul / Darkbrow

Hardsoul and Darkbrow have a somewhat balanced approach. Critically, they have "Blight Ritual" which automatically transforms all units in their army into unique Blight creatures.

Fearcap / Deadtooth

Fearcap and Deadtooth have a bigger focus on magic and summoning.

Souleater / Teddy

Souleater and Teddy tend to focus on spellcasting.

Extinctor Heroes (Bane)

Extinctors use Bane, an ability similar to Malediction in that it converts affected enemy units to Undead. However, it also gives the Hero higher health, damage, and the Charge ability.

Rotheart / Darkheart

Rotheart and Darkheart largely focus on buffing units to make them stronger.


Bonehead / Blankeyes

Bonehead and Blankeyes tend to focus on growing their armies.

Lord of None / Lifetearer

Lord of None and Lifetearer have a slight advantage to developing higher-end units and improving themselves.

Hero's Hour Decay Faction Guide - Unit Choices

Hero's Hour Decay Faction Guide - Unit Choices

Here are the unit choices you have to make for the Decay Faction.

Zombie or Tarantula?

Zombies are slow, tough creatures (albeit relatively weak ones). Tarantulas are more aggressive attackers that can debuff enemies with a Slow effect.

Banshee or Deathseeker?

Deathseekers are slow, tanky creatures that can even survive death the first time around. Banshees, meanwhile, are more aggressive and mobile -- and their upgraded version can use the Terror effect to force enemies to flee.

Lifebane or Thanatos?

Lifebanes are heavy-hitting death knights that can charge into battle and use Terror on the enemies. The Thanatos is weaker, but it can occasionally avoid damage and spawn in skeletons when killing enemies.




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