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Clive talking to Harpocrates in Pixel Form in Final Fantasy XVI

One of the earliest members of Cid's group that you'll meet is Harpocrates, or Tomes as he's also known. Unlike the rest of the group that are fighters Harpocrates is a lorekeeper for the Cursebreakers. As you learn more about the world you'll be able to level up Harpocrates knowledge and with it expand your glossary. We'll let you know how to get Harpocrates knowledge up to level 5 in Final Fantasy XVI when you earn The More You Know Trophy.

When can you first meet Harpocrates?

Almost immediately after side quests unlock in Cid's Hideaway you'll get a notification to meet with an old man in the Fat Chocobo. Walking up the stairs and talking with the man in the far corner of the seating area you'll meet Harpocrates, the lore keeper for the cursebreakers.

Interacting with Harpocrates will let you look up information on places you've been, the character's you've met, and enemies you've fought. These entries are the same that appear in your Active Time Lore.

Each time you talk with Harpocrates and you've learned something new about the world Clive will pass on his knowledge. At certain points, Harpocrates will level up.

The levels of progression are:

  1. ---
  2. Ravenous Reader
  3. Extant Encyclopedia
  4. Hideaway Highbrow
  5. Scholastic Savant
  6. Living Library
  7. Recorder of the Realm
  8. MAX - Sage of the Ages

How to earn The More You Know Trophy in Final Fantasy XVI?

As long as you're completing all of the side quests as they appear throughout Final Fantasy XVI and defeating all of the hunts that appear you should earn this Trophy by the time you first reach Boklad as part of the Onward Main Scenario Quest.

When you end the game as long as you've completed all Side Quests and completed all Hunts you should be able to obtain the Max rank with Harpocrates. 

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