ZERO Sievert

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In ZERO Sievert, the world as you know it has been destroyed. You are left to survive on your own and travel across the barren wastelands to scavenge for supplies in post-apocalyptic Eastern Europe. Players will be able to forge their own base of operations where traders, modding stations, and more will provide some much-needed relief during this dark time. 

Sadly, the solemn silence is broken once you depart from your home base. This top-down survival game will test your will to survive as you scavenge for sparse materials throughout the procedurally-generated wastelands. The game consists of five total biomes for you to explore, where you will need to find supplies and kill ruthless bandits as you traverse the map in search of the means to stay alive. Even some of the local wildlife have been affected by the apocalypse, so always make sure to watch your back; you never know when an animal might be hungry. 

The lay of the land is different every time, adding a bit of depth to the game. Loot boxes, supplies, and hiding spots change every time you spawn into an area even if you have previously been there, so be sure to prepare for literally anything. The game sports a whopping total of 30 guns and 150 different mods to attach to your weapon to become the most powerful survivalist ZERO Sievert has ever known. This isn't just a weapon that will keep the bandits at bay, it will allow you to become a viscous hunter with the power to progress. 

There are also multiple different quest lines to follow, keeping things fresh and exciting from start to finish. As you progress, you will meet some very interesting characters, who will uncover the story little by little, allowing you to discover the true fate of the planet they once knew. There are more than 100 different items to collect, which allow you to craft items, upgrade your safe haven, trade with traders for the upper hand, and of course, make it out alive.  

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CABO Studio
Modern Wolf
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November 15, 2022 (Calendar)
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