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Our Zero Sievert Crafting Guide will tell you how Crafting works, how to Scrap items, and what you can Craft to equip yourself for the wasteland.

How Zero Sievert Crafting Works

Zero Sievert Crafting can only be done at your base in the bunker. There's no way to Craft items when you're exploring one of the game's zones.

Here's how to Craft items in Zero Sievert:

  1. Go to the workbench on the left side of the bunker and interact with it.
  2. Select a category of item that you would like to Craft.
  3. Click on an item that you would like to Craft to see its ingredients.
  4. Click "Craft" to Craft the item.
    • You may need specific Skills or installed Modules in order to Craft certain items. If you're missing any of these Skills or Modules, you'll get a notification when you attempt to Craft it.

How to Scrap Items in Zero Sievert

You can Scrap items in Zero Sievert by opening up your inventory, clicking the item, and selecting "Scrap." You may get a confirmation dialogue if the item is particularly valuable.

Here's what you can get for Scrapping items:

  • Weapons - Scrap Weapon
  • Armor - Scrap Material
  • Ammo - Scrap Ammo
  • Food - Scrap Food
  • Medication - Scrap Medication
  • Generic Items - Scrap Material

Note that not all items can be Scrapped. Task Items (such as documents), Backpacks, and some other items can only be sold or discarded.

Zero Sievert Crafting Guide - Crafting Food

What Can You Craft in Zero Sievert?

Unfortunately, you can't Craft everything in Zero Sievert -- you can only Craft the following items:

You cannot Craft Weapons, Attachments, or Armor. However, you can repair both Weapons and Armor via the Crafting Workbench. Additionally, the Crafting Workbench is where you can mod your Weapons with Attachments.

That's the end of our Zero Sievert Crafting Guide -- make sure to check out our other guides below!

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