Zero Sievert Forest Map and Locations Guide

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Our Zero Sievert Forest Map and Locations Guide will tell you what you need to know to survive the Forest, the first explorable area in the game.

What You Need to Know About the Zero Sievert Forest

The Zero Sievert Forest is your first real challenge in the game, featuring a mix of woodland, industrial, and residential areas. Bandits, Wolves, and Ghouls can be found at certain locations on the map, so you won't be able to explore the area without the occasional fight.

A large Town has solid opportunities for looting junk, but it's also home to a Police Station guarded by the bandit Lazar. Take your time, move forward carefully, and you might be able to escape with some loot -- and your life.

Zero Sievert Forest Map

Zero Sievert Forest Map

As always, the above Map image shows one possible layout. Maps in this game are always randomized slightly, so don't expect your version of the Forest to look the same.

Zero Sievert Forest Locations

Here are the locations you can find within the Zero Sievert Forest.

Zero Sievert Forest Map and Locations Guide - Bandit Camp

Bandit Camps

Bandit Camps will have a small amount of loot, but they're almost always protected by well-armed Bandits who will shoot any intruders on sight.

Zero Sievert Forest Map and Locations Guide - Chemical Crystal Field

Chemical Crystal Field

This radioactive area is a source of Chemical Crystals.

Zero Sievert Forest Map and Locations Guide - Hunter's Cabin

Hunter's Cabin

The Hunter's Cabin has a tiny amount of loot and some Hunters outside. The Hunters are not hostile unless you attack them. They will, however, shoot at any enemies that come into range, so this can be a good place to retreat to if you're in a losing fight.

Zero Sievert Forest Map and Locations Guide - Igor Kuzmin's House

Igor Kuzmin's House

Igor Kuzmin's House is a safe location with a man named Igor Kuzmin inside. He has a Task that you can complete if you wish.

Zero Sievert Forest Map and Locations Guide - Police Station

Police Station

The Police Station is protected by Lazar and his Guards. It probably has the best loot in the entire Forest level, so it's worth trying to clear them out if you think you can get the job done. Don't enter this fight lightly, though -- Lazar and his Guards are very well-armed.

Zero Sievert Forest Map and Locations Guide - Sawmill


The Sawmill is populated by Bandits both indoors and outdoors. However, it has a decent amount of loot available inside.

Zero Sievert Forest Map and Locations Guide - Town


The Town is populated by Ghouls, but they're easy enough to take out and you can find a fair amount of loot in the buildings. The junk you find inside can be used to construct Modules for your base back at the bunker. Just take  care to watch out for the concrete barriers -- that means you're getting close to the Police Station and its heavily-armed boss Lazar.

Several smaller black houses can be found at random spots throughout the rest of the map.

Zero Sievert Forest Enemies

Here are the enemies you'll encounter in the Zero Sievert Forest.


Bandits tend to be located near Bandit Camps, but they can occasionally wander away if they get engaged in combat. They're always armed and can prove to be a tough fight if you don't use cover.


Ghouls tend to populate the Town. They can be easily picked off if you take care to shoot them at range one by one.


Lazar is a heavily-armed Bandit with a fully-automatic weapon. Killing him will get you some nice loot and the Police Station Key.

Lazar's Guards

Lazar's Guards are Lazar's personal bodyguards. They're not as well-armed, but they can still do a lot of damage to you if you're not careful.


Wolves tend to travel in packs of four or more. They will chase you as soon as they see you -- listen for a howl and prepare for a fight if you see them getting close!

Where to Use the Police Station Key in Zero Sievert

You can use the Police Station Key in the center of the town marked by the black road on the Forest Map. You'll have to kill Lazar and his guards to get the Police Station Key.

We're all done exploring the Zero Sievert Forest Map and Locations Guide, but there are lots of other dangerous areas to dive into -- take a look at our other guides below!

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