Zero Sievert Swamp Map and Locations Guide

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In this Zero Sievert Swamp Map and Locations Guide, we'll detail the hazards of the Swamp along with the Sewers hidden underneath it.

What You Need to Know About the Zero Sievert Swamp

The Zero Sievert Swamp is one of the least-industrialized locations in the game. It's almost always raining and the points of interest are spread far apart.

On the upside, there are opportunities to collect all three types of anomalous Crystals (Chemical, Electric, and Fire). On the downside, there are some pretty tough mutants roaming around on the surface.

Zero Sievert Swamp Map

Zero Sievert Swamp Map

As always, keep in mind that this map is one of many randomly-generated possibilities. The Sewer is the main point of interest on this map, and you can find it by heading toward the only industrialized area on the map (represented by a gray box).

Zero Sievert Swamp Locations

Here are the points of interest in the Swamp.

Zero Sievert Swamp Map and Locations Guide - Abandoned Church

Abandoned Church

Each Abandoned Church is home to several Mutated Spiders hanging around outside and a couple of chests of loot. Unfortunately, you cannot go inside.

Zero Sievert Swamp Map and Locations Guide - Bandit Camp

Bandit Camp

Small Bandit Camps can occasionally be found here and there. The Bandits don't have that strong of a presence on this map.

Zero Sievert Swamp Map and Locations Guide - Chemical Crystal Field

Chemical Crystal Field

As always, Chemical Crystal Fields have radiation and green crystals abound.

Zero Sievert Swamp Map and Locations Guide - Electric Crystal Field

Electric Crystal Field

Electrical Crystals can be found here, but it's nigh-impossible to approach the crystals without taking some damage. Make sure your Armor has good Anomaly resistance before you even consider approaching.

Zero Sievert Swamp Map and Locations Guide - Fire Crystal Field

Fire Crystal Field

You can find Fire Crystals here, along with jets of fire and some radiation.

Zero Sievert Swamp Map and Locations Guide - Sewers


The Sewers are the main attraction in the Swamp. (That says a lot about the Swamp.) It's infested with Mutated Spiders, Ghouls, Rats, and more, along with a bit of loot here and there. You'll need a light source before heading in, though -- it's pitch black.

Zero Sievert Swamp Enemies

These are the enemies you'll face in the Swamp.


A small number of Bandits can be found in the Swamp, most notably in the surface area outside of the Sewers.


The occasional Big can be found roaming around the land in the Swamp. These massive creatures with giant mouths can take a lot of punishment, so don't approach them lightly!


Boars will occasionally appear in the wilderness areas of the Swamp. They can take more bullets that you might expect.


Blinks can be found in the Sewers of the Swamp.


Ghouls can be found in the Sewers of the Swamp, often in large groups near an Infestation.


As usual, Infestations will continue to spawn Ghouls until you shred them with bullets. Destroy them quickly so you don't get overwhelmed!

Mutated Spider

Mutated Spiders can be found outside of the Abandoned Churches on the surface and in the Sewers below.


Rats are annoying creatures found in the Sewers. While you might have to deal with a few at a time, they die pretty quickly.

Where to Use the Key of a Locked Door in the Sewer in Zero Sievert

Unsurprisingly, you can use the Key of a Locked Door in the Sewer in the Sewer within the Swamp map. It gets you access to a mysterious NPC who isn't that great for conversation.

We're at the end of the Zero Sievert Swamp Guide. If you enjoyed it, why not read some of our other guides below?

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