Today’s State of the Game will cover all games released on Steam between the 19th and 25th of June this year. Compared to last week the top level stats are about on par with average completion and average hours played being much higher. Like last week the bulk of these numbers are made up by this week’s top few releases with a smattering of smaller games making up the rest.

Dungeon Defenders II,  which launched on Steam’s Early Access back in December 2014, made the jump out of the program this week. Typically games with extended periods in Early Access or alpha/betas tend to not see a big jump in players when they finally make the change but Dungeon Defenders II did see a modest increase in players after this date. That improvement has also remained steady over the past fortnight, showing that the influx of new players was not just a flash in the pan.

Killing Floor‘s domination of the trending charts isn’t as great for the now 8 year old game. It managed to get the top spot through a good old fashioned key giveaway (via the Humble store’s FPS sale) but the new users it attracted have been dwindling fast. At one point it peaked at about 13,000 concurrent players which would put it in the top 30 games on Steam. That was unfortunately quite short lived and the number of returning players has dwindled significantly over the past couple weeks. It’s not down to pre-sale levels yet but given the current downward trend it’s likely that will happen within the next 2 weeks.

David Klemke

State of the Game

David is the writer of the "State of the Game" series - a weekly look at the statistic behind the most popular games being played.