Rutledge Daugette

Founder & CEO

Founder of TechRaptor with a love of video games (B.S. in Game Programming) and technology. Started TechRaptor to create a place where people could come for quality content.

techraptor 5 years

The Most Read TechRaptor Articles of 2018

TechRaptor had a fantastic year of writing, with a number of great original content pieces, investigative journalism articles, and a consistent stream of news. With an average of 12+ articles…

fallout 76

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is a new game in the Fallout series, taking place 200 years before the main story of Fallout 4, and will take place in a totally online environment…

TechRaptor Featured 1

From The Founder – Fixing Membership And Fulfilling Promises

When I started TechRaptor in 2013, I wanted to create a website that was fair, balanced, and, above all, true to its readers. We focus on quality content, and unlike…

fear the wolves stalker inspired

Survive Opponents And The World In Stalker-Inspired Battle Royale, Fear The Wolves

I had the opportunity to learn about a handful of new Battle Royale games at E3 2018, and each one had something new to offer the genre, which is a…

defiance 2050 preview and interview

Defiance 2050 Beta Impressions And Producer Interview

I’m a sci-fi junkie, so when the Defiance TV show was announced by SyFy in 2011, I was quite excited for a new endeavor from the channel that had brought…

radical heights preview

Radical Heights First Impressions – Ridiculous Fun

There’s no end to the growth of the Battle Royale genre, and with the success of both Fortnite and PUBG, we’re seeing the emergence of more and more games—both good…

february 2018 favorite gaming romance reader survey

All-Time Favorite Gaming Romances – February 2018 Reader Survey

There are a number of fantastic canon romances in gaming, and with so many to choose from, we wanted to poll our readers to find out what their favorites were!…

techraptor 5 years

5 Years Of TechRaptor – A Retrospective From The Founder

I started TechRaptor in 2013 with the goal of providing a place for people to come for quality content, free from any extra nonsense or some of the ethical violations…

january 2018 most anticipated games reader survey

Most Anticipated Games Of 2018 – Staff Survey

Here at TechRaptor, we’re always excited about the latest and greatest in upcoming games. With such a diverse staff at the site – we’re able to cover so many different…

january 2018 most anticipated games reader survey

Most Anticipated Games Of 2018 – January Reader Gaming Survey

At the beginning of every year, we typically have a good look at what games will be releasing throughout the upcoming 12 months, and every year is pretty much full…

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