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Image of 3 different Alex Casey Lunchboxes in Alan Wake 2

If you're exploring the dark and gritty world of Alan Wake 2, you've probably bumped into a few lunchboxes surrounded by bright rocks and dreamcatcher-like creations. Here's where to find all 21 of the Alan Wake 2 Alex Casey Lunchboxes.

There are 3 main areas in Alan Wake 2, and we'll break this guide into 3 parts to make it easier to sort through the list, in this order:

  • Cauldron Lake (8)
  • Watery (6)
  • Bright Falls (7)

Keep an eye out for the dangling dreamcatcher-like things that will lead you to Lunchboxes.

image of the cloth dream catchers in alan wake 2 that lead you to lunchboxes

Cauldron Lake Lunchbox Map & Locations

You'll make repeat visits back to Cauldron Lake throughout the game, and it'll take you until nearly the end of the game to collect all 8 of the Alan Wake 2 Lunchboxes in this area.

Below is a map of their locations, followed by descriptions of where to find them!

A map of every alex casey lunchbox location in Cauldron Lake in alan wake 2

Lunchbox #1 - Shortly after talking to the deputy, you’ll make your way into the woods. When you cross a road with debris to your left, there’s a path into the woods on your right. Head through there, until you see the “Mortar Falls” sign, then to your left you’ll find the lunchbox and manuscript pieces. 

Lunchbox #2 - Continuing on past the first one, you’ll come to a split in the path that leads to the “Witch’s Hut” - continue past this to find it on your right as your approach the small campsite. 

Lunchbox #3 - Head behind the General Store to the north, and make your way towards the tree blocking the road you crossed before. You’ll find this Lunchbox right beside it. 

Lunchbox #4 - Found in a campsite to the south of Witch’s Ladle. 

Lunchbox #5 - After fully examining the crime scene, and completing the Mind Palace clues -- the Deputy will hand you a shortcut key to get back to the Parking Lot. Take the shortcut (behind the General Store) and you’ll approach a power substation - climb up behind it to find this lunchbox. 

Lunchbox #6 - Available after Chapter 3, you’ll find this to the east of the Witchfinder’s Station. 

Lunchbox #7 - You'll find this next to a waterfall north of the Witch’s Hut, after making your way past the previous one. Instead of heading towards the parking lot, head left and up the stream! 

Lunchbox #8 - You'll be able to find this lunchbox inside the Rental Cabins, in Cabin 2. To get there, head through Cabin 3, around the back and in.

Watery Lunchbox Map & Locations

Watery is home to Coffee World, and you'll be able to find almost all 6 Alan Wake 2 Lunchboxes in Watery in your first visit, but you'll have to return after getting the Bolt Cutter. Below is a map of their locations, followed by descriptions of where to find them!

A map of every alex casey lunchbox location in Watery in alan wake 2

Lunchbox #9 - Found behind the Radio Tower in Watery, follow the brightly colored dreamcatchers. 

Lunchbox #10 - After making your way through the forest in Watery, you’ll cross a bridge before you head into Coffee Worlds. Take a right before heading there, and you’ll find this on the ground just past a Tent. 

Lunchbox #11 - As you exit Coffee World, take a hard left and look behind the coffee pot pillar to find a hollowed out section with a lunchbox inside.

image of the alex casey lunchbox found outside coffee world

Lunchbox #12 - After getting through Coffee World, head to the right towards the trailer park, but make a right towards Kalevala Knights Workshop. You’ll find this to the northern side, between a boat and a small shed.

Lunchbox #13 - After entering the Trailer Park in Watery, and talking with Odin and Tor, head to your right behind a swingset to find this Alex Casey Lunchbox. 

Lunchbox #14 - Found up by the lighthouse, behind and to the left of the Break Room on the way up.

Bright Falls Lunchbox Map & Locations

Bright Falls is a small town, home to the Oh Deer Diner and the Lodge that Saga and Casey stay in during the course of the game. When you first visit, you won't be able to get any of the 6 Alan Wake 2 Lunchboxes in Bright Falls, but you'll return here after Watery to explore more of the area. 

Below is a map of their locations, followed by descriptions of where to find them!

A map of every alex casey lunchbox location in Bright Falls in alan wake 2

Lunchbox #15 - You'll find this in the park, near the Gazebo next to a tree.

Lunchbox #16 - You'll find this in the woods to your left along the path towards Valhalla Nursing Home.

Lunchbox #17 - You'll find this in the Bright Falls Woods, just north of the ranger station. 

Lunchbox #18 - You'll find this just inside the Valhalla Nursing Home, in the room to the right. 

Lunchbox #19 - You'll find this lunchbox after leaving the Valhalla Nursing Home via the gate that needs bolt cutters. Head straight out and you’ll see this overlooking a picnic table from above. 

Lunchbox #20 - As you make your way to Bright Falls from the Nursing home, you'll come across a Nursery Rhyme on a beach to your right. Once you complete it, head back towards the woods to find this lunchbox.

Lunchbox #21 - Just past the previous Lunchbox, you'll find this to the right before you enter the boatyard.


Once you've collected all of the Lunchboxes, you'll also want to find and open every Cult Stash to get the Hidden by the Trees Achievement. You can also complete all 21 Nursery Rhymes to expand your bracelet, and we've got a guide on How to get the Mayor Setter Charm & Unlock All Charms too!

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